Wet wall panels are proving a huge hit in shower rooms and bathrooms but they can do equally well in kitchens of all shapes and sizes. 

Kitchens need to be easily cleanable particularly areas around the hob where cooking takes place and this is where wetwall panels win out as they are so much easier to keep clean than tiles.  The main challenge with tiling is keeping the grouting both dirt and mould free in hard-working areas, not something you have to worry about with wetwall panels.  Condensation, steam and food splashes can be quickly and easily removed with just a damp cloth, compare that to the hard work of removing bolognese sauce marks from brilliant white grouting!  Wetwall panels in the kitchen will stay super good looking for years with the minimum amount of input leaving you to just get on with the cooking.

Panelling also gives you more design options than tiling not to mention the fact that they are usually much quicker to install and cheaper.  Because the panels are one continuous piece, the design options are almost limitless.  And if the thought of pulling out kitchen units and cupboards just fills you with dread, relax, you can cut and fit wetwall panels to almost any space and size of room.  You can even fit them over the top of existing tiling meaning you can transform your kitchen literally in a matter of hours.  But if you really can’t turn your back on tiles then why not use tile effect panels?  Brick effect panels also work really well in a kitchen giving an artisan, rustic type feel to the room or, use them to create more of an urban vibe depending on the fittings and the type of interior.

There is a real trend at the moment to use natural materials such as stone, wood and marble within the home.  Wetwall panels can create that same high-end effect without the investment and time spent using the real thing.  Natural materials are expensive and labour intensive to fit, wall panels can give you the same look at a fraction of the cost.    Have the styling that you want at a fraction of the cost and without the worry of maintaining marble, glass or stone. 

Kit kitchen

The patterned designs on wall panels can be used to create a feature wall very much on the current trend of bringing nature indoors, an ‘outdoors indoors’ style or you can use them to give the illusion of space.  Sparkle-effect wetwall panels can make small kitchens appear lighter and brighter.

Wall panels have revolutionised the design options for kitchens and bathrooms, the two rooms where tough, good quality finishes are crucial to stand up to the practicalities of daily living.  They work well with the trend for 2020 which is of coloured kitchen units, a move away from plain wood or white styling.  Now, that functionality does not have to be at the expense of styling and design themes nor does it have to be created with a high maintenance product like tiling, kitchens are going to be treated to the same interior design attention as other more stylised and less functional rooms in the home.