Everything You Need To Know About Frequency In Facebook Ads

Everything You Need To Know About Frequency In Facebook Ads

When you invest time and money into creating Facebook ads, you’ll want to make sure that your campaigns are performing well and generating the leads and conversions you are looking for. A great way to stay on top of your endeavors is by checking ad frequency, which is how many times your ads are seen before they’re interacted with.

A quick look at Facebook ads

There is a fundamental difference to consider when running Facebook ads over traditional forms of digital advertisements; Facebook ads are interactive. This means that users have the ability to not only hide them, but also to give feedback on their relevancy. This platform’s algorithms use this information to determine the most worthwhile ads and where they should be placed (considering the niche’s competition), as well as the price at which they should be set.

This creates a unique opportunity for businesses to gain a deeper insight into how their campaigns are performing, optimise their efforts and even stay one step ahead of the competition.

Important information about ad frequency

Facebook bases its ad frequency calculations on the number of impressions divided by the reach, generating an average exposure, giving you the ability to make worthwhile changes before losing your audience entirely. The good news is that frequency can be managed either by yourself, by Facebook, or even by a facebook ads reporting tool.

Businesses should aim to reach ad exposure of 1-2 during the length of their ad campaign to maintain a worthwhile balance. If you find that your efforts are hitting 3 and above, you’ll be increasing your chances of users hiding your ads and decreasing your relevancy score. This isn’t to say that high frequency is a bad thing; if you maintain a good quality score and your overall results aren’t impacted, you won’t need to entirely change your campaign.

How to improve your ad campaign

One of the best ways to ensure your ad campaign performs is to implement diversity into your advertisements. It can be important to maintain a theme so that your audience can recognise your brand; simply running the same ad over and over again is likely to result in a negative response. Make sure that every creative you add has a different core image, content and even marketing angle, while keeping to a specific colour palette or placing your company logo in the same position in every image.

Why use ad frequency as a performance metric?

Facebook advertisements can be utilised by an array of businesses to increase their visibility and site traffic, gain more impressions, boost their click-through-rate (CTR) and more. While there are certainly benefits to implementing them, user sentiment can have an impact on their success. There is a fine line between enticing users to click through and overwhelming them, so it can be important to find the balance that works for your business’s needs.

This is where monitoring ad frequency can come in handy. When you understand how many times a user typically sees your ad on average before taking action, you can begin to understand your demographic and better target your efforts. The additional level of interaction means that users can negatively respond to your ads and this is something you’ll want to avoid.

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