Does your Perth home’s front yard look like it needs some sprucing up? Or perhaps you’re aiming for your house to have the best kerb appeal out of all the others in your neighbourhood? Whichever the case, it’s usually a good idea to hire a Perth landscaping design agency to help you revitalise your yard or front garden for you. Getting professional landscapers to beautify your front yard is the most effective way to making it look as good as it can, without any added effort or inconvenience on your part.

However, if you’d like to try your own hand at improving your yard, you can also try to put in some DIY work all on your own. After all, there’s nothing like having your own handiwork be the envy of other homeowners, right? If so, then read on as we list down some of the best practices for helping your front yard look its absolute best.

Mow grass properly and regularly

Don’t let your grassy lawn or yard get out of control. If you neglect mowing your grass regularly, then not only will it look overgrown and disorganised, it will also turn it into a convenient hideout for a variety of fauna, including ticks, rats, or even snakes. Moreover, untrimmed grass will also maximise the chances of water-stealing weeds growing in your garden. For the best results, mow your grass weekly, ensuring that all blades are at least trimmed from 2 to 3 inches in height.

Grow flowers in your front yard

Flowers are best in making a home feel and look more welcoming, so crowd your front lawn with colourful flowers to really make things pop. Make sure to pick an assortment of annual and perennial blossoms so the splash of colour leading up to your abode will last all year long, rather than just seasonally. Some great examples to plant include petunias, lily-of-the-Nile, hydrangeas, and snapdragon.

Introduce rambling vines to your yard and fixtures

When we think about classic and romantic gardens, lovely vines crawling and ensnaring around gates, fences, and trellises will always be one of the first images that come to mind. Give your own yard or garden that timeless and dreamy touch by planting some rambling vines and letting them crawl all over some of your yard fixtures. One great example of such a vine is the Clematis, which not only features fragile tendrils but also colourful blossoms.

Use planters and baskets to add layers to your garden

Don’t just plant everything in your garden or yard at just one single height. While this may seem easy and organised, it will also make the landscape look flat and uninteresting, no matter how colourful the blossoms are. As such, you should use planters and baskets to add varying heights and dimensions to your plants. By doing this, you make your yard look a lot more visually interesting and exciting. What’s more, putting plants in planters prevents them from being crowded by your taller plants. This ensures that they all get the water, sunlight, and nutrients that they need.

Invest in professional landscape lighting

While a garden or yard will always look their best best in natural light, you can also make things look attractive even after nightfall, thanks to landscape lighting. A few ambient and accent LED lamps strategically placed to shine upon key spots will help brighten up your yard, as well as bring colour to the dark when focused on your blossoming plants. What’s more, the bright lights can also work as a security feature by deterring potential burglars and other criminals, who usually like operating in the dark.

Install a water feature

A water feature such as a fountain or pond will definitely add more character to your garden. Not only will the sight and sound of moving water bring peace and tranquillity, the water feature will also serve as a great centrepiece to tie your entire yard together. For best results, position your most colourful blossoms and most interesting shrubs and decorative pieces around the water feature.

Transform your yard into an eye-catching green paradise

Turning your front yard or garden from a lacklustre piece of land to an eye-catching feature of your home may seem quite challenging. However, taking heed of these six landscaping best practices will certainly help in elevating the look and character of your yard. If you really need assistance, though, then you certainly should consider getting professionals to help you out. Consult a landscaping design agency in Perth, and they’ll get your garden looking like the star of the neighbourhood it deserves to be.