Having easy access to a laptop or even owning one makes the lives of so many people easier. It makes for better productivity when you can move from place to place with a laptop than being tied down to one place with a large, Unportable computer. Entrepreneurs, salespeople, and even students rely heavily on their laptops to get things done – from writing novels to finishing up term papers.

A good laptop can serve you as much as you wish to utilize it. You can expect the best performance from laptops With SSD drives. The major issue with laptops is that users frequently do not know how to maximize their laptop performance. Your laptop probably takes much more abuse than you could possibly consider. It goes everywhere with you, gets unplugged and re-plugged more times in a day than your desktop computer, and is probably cluttered with junk files and software you do not think about.

Turn off Properly

This is especially important if you are going to travel or go on a long journey. First, take out all DVDs or thumb drives that might be inserted into your laptop and store them elsewhere. Then, shut down your laptop. Avoid just putting it in sleep or standby mode as this could drain out your battery, and neglect your laptop from taking the rest it needs. A complete shutdown means all systems are off, leaving your laptop free. Just don’t forget to save any open files you might be working on.

Use a Quality Laptop Bag

If you are a regular travelling spirit, this one is especially important for you. Invest in a good bag to carry your laptop around in. the bag will protect your laptop from jostles and bumps and damages that could occur from moving around so much. You could also store other items in the bag like, your tablets and pens. Just make sure the bag is one of good quality, with enough padding to ensure maximum protect for your laptop in case of a fall.

Be Careful where You Place It

Of course, do not take your laptop with you to the bath. Be careful where you set your laptop down, as its portability might serve as a temptation to take it with you even when you’re relaxed in the tub. The beach is another place you should avoid setting your laptop down on, as sand could easily get into it and cause damages.

Stay Safe

Laptop theft and hacking is growing more and more rampant so, one of the first things you should do with your laptop is set up a stellar password and, install one of the many tracking software available. At least, if you ever forget your laptop at an airport or it gets mixed up during baggage claim, you have an easier way of finding its location.

Keep it Clean

The number of people who have never bothered about leaning their laptops would actually shock you. It is actually fairly easy to forget that your laptop is like any other surface and can collect just as much dust and filth. Take some minutes to blow the dust off your keyboards and vents as you are reading this, and then get some computer cleaners or alcohol wipes to wipe down your laptop once in a while. Believe me; your computer will look so much better. Do not use soap and water to clean your laptop, though.

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