Having been providing the best offshore engineering software, FieldAp is aware of the importance of riding the wave of change. Since the beginning of its inception, the technology behind website have evolved consistently. Take a look at the early days of internet, for instance. Technologies from Mosaic and Netscape Navigator at the time helped propel the internet’s fame tremendously. Since then, waves of ideas, concepts, and trends regarding the matter always come and go.

If there is one thing that we are aware of now, it’s to stay relevant. Yes, it’s none other than the fact that in order to be successful, one must be able to follow trends. This does not mean discarding the current technology in favor of a new trend, but rather to explore and incorporate. When you are capable of incorporating the trend to where it’s applicable before your competition does, you will stay ahead. Here are three FieldAp trends in the front-end development industry you must be aware of in 2018.

Improved online support

In this day and age, it seems like nothing takes more precedence quite like being connected to your audience. Building some sort of a relationship with users is now more important than ever. Chatbots have made this task easier. By adding this computer programs to your website, uninterrupted contact point 24-hours a day all week is not impossible.

This computer programs are capable of holding a conversation via auditory or text method. Not only are they capable of directing users to related pages, they are also capable of answering common questions. Better yet, with the addition of Chatbots, you may maintain 24-hour contact point without needing 24-hour customer service departments. This technology undoubtedly helps increase productivity, while at the same time also reduces operational budget.

Motion user interface

Another thing that has always been at the top of developers’ priority list is undoubtedly the interface. A website must be equipped with the best looking design, without sacrificing the functionality of its interface. Initially designed specifically for mobile application purposes, the technology has made its way to other uses as well. It allows the use of animations and smooth transitions to other important components.

Offering the highest degree of customizations, this technology gives developers a canvas to use for their crafts so to speak. Developers are not only capable of crafting an incredibly stunning website, but also a highly functional one. Motion user interface allows developers to incorporate motions such as overlay, obscuration, cloning, offset delay, parallax, and many more.

Progressive web applications

Studies show that the number of mobile application usage reaches the 89-percent mark of the total time spent on smartphone. With this finding, utilizing similar mobile application format is considered as the best chance to target the audience. By making your web application compatible for mobile application, you will not only be able to increase user experience, but also generate more traffic.

Progressive web applications provide you with the ability to work offline, enable near-instant loading and receive push notifications, and more. Generally easier to deploy and also maintain, this technology does not only benefit the customer – but also the developers. To incorporate these trends into your website, contact FieldAp for more information.