Visiting a dentist is always traumatic for most patients. Think of giant needles, foot-powered dental drills, unsatisfactory results, or the general dental office environment, and you get a feeling of discomfort. However, you’re not alone, as millions of people dislike the feeling. The good thing is that this is about to change. Dentists work with designers to accommodate your comfort by creating a patient-friendly serene dental office. Here are excellent ways dentist are changing their operating offices to get patients comfortable.

Electronic Health Records

While patients may not be aware of the significance of maintaining health records, it impacts services delivered to them. As the first official point of contact, a data entry clerk at the dental office will enter new information or trace historical patient data within a blink of an eye. Besides, installing this system in a dental office makes it easier to collate data for insurance claims or referrals.

Comfortable Equipment

With the current technology, dental offices aren’t as intimidating as during the 20th century. Today dentists have installed cutting-edge technology that inspires patient comfort and relaxation. This results in quicker and more cost-effective treatment for dental patients. Besides, the higher-tech equipment in a modern dental office also means fewer appointments with your dentist. Some key technology installed in most modern dental offices include;

  • LED headlamps: With these types of lights, a patient doesn’t have to worry about bright lights that shine on their eyes as the dentist works.
  • Intraoral cameras:If you want to know why your dental check-up could take lesser time and diagnose your problem instantly, these cameras are your answer. Unlike the traditional use of magnifying lenses, the intraoral cameras give your dentist a real-time image or video of your gum condition, tooth surface, or small cavities that are hard to trace using naked eyes.
  • Modern dental chairs:They are all-around dental units that include the patient’s chair, light unit, delivery unit, and suction unit. Besides, the seats are infused and waterproof making it easy to maintain patient hygiene in a dental office.
  • DIAGNOdent:A tiny and portable laser gadget that dentists use to trace dental imperfections painlessly. The use of the device limits pain and discomfort.
  • Digital Radiography and x-rays:It is a technology that allows patient involvement in the treatment of their dental health problems. With the x-ray machine, patients can watch the cavity or source of the problem and freely discuss it with the dentist.
  • Laser Treatment (LANAP): If you have ever experienced the discomfort of gum disease treatment, then you know why old-school dental offices were traumatizing. LANAP is a modern gadget intended to safely and effectively treat your gum with little pain and discomfort than before.
  • CEREC:It is a new technology adopted by dentists to create and place porcelain restorations faster than before. The technology only takes dentists a single appointment to complete the exercise, which took approximately two weeks earlier.
  • 3D Imaging:The days when one used to get uncomfortable and awkward impressions in a dental office are long gone. No dentist will require you to do itchy and sore things to diagnose a dental problem. With the 3D technology in place, it’s easy and fast to show a 3D representation of a patient’s mouth. The technology is accurate in the diagnosis and prevention of dental problems and comfortable. With this machine, no more trauma for patients seeking dental treatment in a modernized dental office.

Comfortable Amenities

When it comes to any form of a hospital, including a dental office, experience is vital. That means the dental office needs to install or put up some amenities that are not directly connected to dental treatment but would improve patient comfort and experience. For example, an excellent patient-friendly dental office should have amenities such as;

  • Noise stopping headphones,
  • Heated blankets,
  • Televisions and iPads.
  • Comfortable seats for the patients in the waiting rooms.

Modern Office Design

More than any other time in history, designing has become a form of patient care for clinics and hospitals. Modern dental offices heavily invest in office design, hoping to improve patient experiences. The design has included key areas such as the reception area, operatory room, boardrooms and employee meeting areas, entrance, and children’s area. Some of the crucial designing techniques that have been applied in dental offices for enhanced patient comfort have included;

  • Display of an excellent logo that is locally inspired and eye-catching.
  • Children themed areas within the dental clinic,
  • Calm, expansive, and well-ventilated waiting rooms fitted with incredible artwork and modern seats.
  • Spacious, adequately lit, and air circulated operatory rooms, and
  • Selfie walls where a happy patient would take a photo.

Customer Care Desk

You may be wondering why a dental office may require a customer care desk. However, modern business practices call for constant care for your patients’ needs at all times. Modern dental offices have invested in customer care desks to address any potential challenge. Although sometimes this has been joined with the reception, the appearance of the wording “customer care” hugely enhances the image of the dental office among the new and old customers.

Wi-Fi Installation

Honestly speaking, nobody wants their clients to look bored, mainly before they get served. In many modern dental offices, installing Wi-Fi services is crucial in providing free internet. The aim is to keep the patient busy while they await their turn to see the doctor. Remember, idle patients are likely to complain of the delays even though the dentist gives each patient a reasonable time.

Payment Method

Modern technology has dramatically changed the world, especially regarding money transactions such as payments. As such, modern dentists have invested in electronic payment methods to make it easier for customers to pay for the services offered. Sure to their expectations, the easier the mode of payment, the happier the client.


If you still fear visiting a dental office, probably it’s because you still went to one of those old-school dental clinics. Try a modern dental office today and feel the experience. You don’t have to withstand your dental pain for previous traumas anymore!

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