Watching free movies online has become a very simple and popular task these days. If a person is a diehard movie lover and loves spending the time watching movies online then he might keep on searching good ways available online which are legit as well.

There are many options online where you can go and watch the movies with a popcorn bowl in your hand but not all of them are free. Some sites charge a subscription cost to stream a movie or TV show while others are totally free to use. But before you click on any site and start watching it, it is important that you carefully browse out which site will be the best for you. Some of the sites are just scam or some of them feature the illegal contents.

We have listed out some best sites where you can watch full movie online without any hurdles. Have a look at them below:

Amazon Instant Video

In case you are not a prime Amazon member, you can go for Amazon instant video to watch some movies for free online. If you have access, then there is a big collection of movies waiting for you. You can find a good collection on instant video as well

Top Documentary Films

As the name suggests, on this site you will get the best documentary films. Everything from the low-budget documentaries to some high profile series, you will get everything here in one shot. The UI is just simple to scroll and easy to search whatever you want

BBC America

This is another best legal site to watch your favorite content anywhere and anytime. Both new as well as old movies are available to stream from the website. The film options keep on changing frequently but some premium movies are always available to enjoy. Just search what you are looking for and you will get it right away without much time consumption

#1 Movies Website

When talking about the list of legitimate sites to watch movies online, this name can’t be missed. You will get a good collection of movies, TV series, shows and much more over here. Also, there is an option of IMDb where you get the top rated movies by the viewers. Thus, you can directly select a good rated movie or show to watch.


Another name in the list is of crackle which is owned by Sony. It comes with a great collection of popular hits and series. You will easily get the newer releases of the movies and shows on this site. There is an option of creating an account wherein you can add the movies and shows that you like and can see them later as per your convenience. You can also watch the trailers of the upcoming movies.

Youtube Movies

YouTube comes with its own service for renting a movie. Here, you can easily rent a movie or buy the latest one in very simple steps. There are several movies which are available for free as well. These are mostly the old and classic movies. Watching movies on YouTube is not a new thing but yes it is a very safer way and all of us know this very well.


TubiTV is another name in the list of legit sites to watch movies online without any security-related issues. To get the content of Tubi on your browser, you need to get registered on the site. Once the easy process of registration completes, you can get access to all the contents of the site. It has a huge collection of old as well as new movies, series and the TV shows. There is an option of sorting wherein you can sort according to various categories based on the genres available on the site. There is a good collection of animated and kid-friendly movies on TubiTV.


This is also a popular name in the list of movie streaming online. It comes with a superb collection of old and new series, shows and the movies. You just need to browse to the site and click on the movie or video that you want to see. Although movies from all the categories are available on the site, mostly you will see the family drama, comic and romantic movies.

These are some of the popular sites that let you watch movies in the proper and legal way. The list definitely never ends, you can get even more but yes, these are the ones that will never make you suffer from the content quality. There is no spamming done and these sites come with no useless advertisements. You can browse them anytime and stream your favorite movies with only the requirement of a stable internet connection.

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