6 Lifehacks to Use Your Self Storage More Efficiently


It seems that everyone of us has too much stuff nowadays. The solution for many is a self storage unit at one or the other public self storage facilities in and around Perth. But self storage can involve a lot of hassle and a bit more money than you might want to spend if you are not careful.

Helpful Hints

 If you are looking to get cheap self storage, these helpful hints will help you get achieve that end:

  1. Package your goods to be stored efficiently. Use uniform sized, sturdy packing boxes to store your goods and then stack them with the heaviest boxes at the bottom up to the lightest at the top of your stack. A typical 1.5M X 1.5M storage unit can hold as many as 80 archive sized boxes properly stacked, so, if you are careful in your packing and stacking, a surprisingly large amount of your items can fit in a fairly small space.
  2. Do not skimp on the boxes when you buy them. A cheap box is a worthless box if it breaks apart when transporting or stacking.
  3. Plan where you intend to put things. If you are likely to retrieve certain items before certain others, it only makes sense to have these items on top of the stack(s) closest to the entrance to your storage space. In addition, planning the placement of your items will allow you to pack your space more efficiently and fit more goods inside of it.
  4. Before you begin to pack, cull out as many items as you can that you do not anticipate needing or wanting any longer. Once you store it, you begin paying rent on it, so lose what you don’t use!
  5. Record what is in each container and where it is located in the space. Number your boxes for reference and record your box numbers on a grid to show your stacking system. Keep your inventory locator and your number grid in the locker in a spot that is readily accessible. Inevitably, you will want to retrieve something and it is much easier locating an item on a list than it is tearing apart your entire storage compartment looking for it.
  6. The most important thing to remember when planning to self store your goods is to shop around for a facility. They are all different in terms of what they offer and what they charge.

Locating a Facility

A good place to start your search for a self storage facility is Perth Metro Storage. This company has been in the self storage business since 1984 and can surely answer all your questions relative to the topic.

You will spend some money for self storage. By following the hints listed above and having a good game plan, you will spend as little as possible.