Listen… Captain asked 20 passengers to leave the aircraft, for a strange reason

Captain asked 20 passengers to leave the aircraft, for a strange reason

Passengers aboard a Spanish plane found themselves in an unusual situation when the captain requested 20 individuals to leave the aircraft, citing the aircraft’s excessive weight and inability to take off. This unexpected announcement sparked concern among the passengers, leaving them unsettled.

Social networking sites came across a video clip shared by a user named Ryan Williams. This clip, posted on “Tik Tok”, had garnered the attention of approximately 200,000 viewers. In the video, filmed from inside an “EasyJet” plane, the voice of the pilot could be heard requesting the passengers to disembark due to weight restrictions and the plane’s inability to take off.

The, which has garnered approximately 2 million views, prompted the account holder to exclaim, “It’s absolutely mind-blowing!”

It is widely acknowledged that such a request is permissible under one circumstance exclusively, namely, when there is a technical glitch or a similar occurrence.

Very heavy weight

The pilot expressed gratitude for the passengers’ presence but acknowledged the challenge posed by the heavy weight of the plane due to the large number of passengers. Additionally, the pilot mentioned the relatively short runway in Lanzarote and the current possibility of strong winds.

Furthermore, he added, “Considering the prevailing weather conditions in Lanzarote, the aircraft is presently too burdened to initiate takeoff. You might be curious about what comes next and why I am addressing you at this moment.”

The pilot made a request, saying, “If it’s possible, I kindly ask if there are 20 individuals who have decided not to travel to Liverpool tonight and would be willing to volunteer.”

500 euros per passenger

The pilot further conveyed that easyJet intends to provide incentives, amounting to a maximum of 500 euros, to passengers who opt not to embark on their flight.

According an airline spokesperson, a total of 19 passengers graciously offered to disembark from the flight.

As reported by the Liverpool Echo, the departure of a flight from Lanzarote-Arrecife Airport in Spain to John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, scheduled for Wednesday at 9:45 pm, was postponed due to increased weight and adverse weather conditions.

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