For me, it is totally impossible to imagine why anyone would leave home without a lippie. Other people can’t stand the chance of running around the city without having a concealer or eyeliner in their bags.

From taking botox NYC, lip augmentation to simple make up and styling, every woman undoubtedly has her own unique style and preferences and holds different products with different priorities. What you may consider as a “must-have” is no more than just another beauty product others can afford live without. However, be you chic and sophisticated, reserved and easy-going, all girls will agree that there are just some things to never leave at home. Thing is, you never can tell who you would bump into. You won’t want to pass up on the perfect opportunity to talk to your Man Crush Monday because you don’t have a concealer for a quick cover up, neither would you want to run into any of your exes without leaving them thinking of what they’ve missed out on. Since, you just can’t be short of perfect at all times, we’ve made a list of our top 10 beauty products you should always have in hand

1. A Hand Sanitizer

If you were expecting this list to start with a lipstick, you’re not alone. But since cleanliness is next to ravishing beauty, a hand sanitizer is actually a basic necessity that every woman should have. Take your hygiene in your hands and always carry your own hand sanitizer to keep you disinfected rather than having to ask others.

2. Tissues and Wet Wipes

Tissues are arguably the biggest weapon in your armoury of make-up kits. Every woman should always have at least a tissue irrespective of where you’re heading. So, essential are Kleenexes, tissues and wet wipes that even the guys at my office said they’d consider asking me for some first before thinking of getting the ones provided at work.

3. Tweezers

Some days you get them all, other days, you don’t. Stash a tweezer in your make-up kit and go plucking every time those little hairs on your eyebrows decide to throw a part on your face. As a rule of thumb, go for tweezers that have a perfect tip and do away with products with flat edges. Tweezers will let you get to the tiniest strands of hairs every time you need to.

4. Concealer

You don’t necessary get a notification every time an unwanted zit, scar or red bump shows up on your face. Keep a concealer with you to make sure you’re never caught unawares. Even if you’ve peppered your face with the perfect make-up in the morning, those dark circles that you already covered up could make a return in the evening to tell everyone you’re not getting enough sleep.

5. Lip stick

A touch of red can inject instant confidence and character to your look any time any day. Even when you’re running late and can’t take up a full make-up session with cat eyes and contoured cheeks, a lipstick will inflate your looks and leave you looking radiant. However, lipsticks can wash off as the day goes on and one simple reapplication will take you back to stunning really quick.

6. Lip balms and lip glosses

Even if you’ve done some form of lip augmentation, your perfect pout still needs some moisturizing and shine. Prevent your plump from cracking and choose form a plethora of flavours to carry around every time.

7. Powder, Oil-blotting paper and adhesive bandages

As the stress of the day wears on, your face can quickly pickup an unwanted shine. Banish the oil and more with some powder and oil-blotting paper on-the-go. Be sure to use the oil-blotting paper before applying some powder to avoid covering your pores with dirt and oil underneath. You should also carry some adhesive bandages too as unplanned accidents, whether small cuts or scratches can occur.

8. Mints

Not sure if there’s a lip-locking affair to come later in the day? Don’t take the risk. No one wants to know what you had for lunch and a fresh pack of mint will leave your oral space with all the freshness you crave.

9. Cheek and lip tint

Dual purpose like these will give you the right shade of tint for both your cheeks and lips. Get yourself a sizeable one that you can keep handy in your purse.

10. Perfumes

A perfume is an undebatable win-win for you. Not only does it keep you with a pleasurable fragrance all day, it conveys character and can be quite charming to the fine men you probably come in touch with every day.

Perfumes are the icing on the cake. Daily regimen will build up funky odours and even if your make-up stays perfect, keeping a bottle of perfume on you will do you so much good.