Blogging is a common business today. There are tons of fashion bloggers and fashion blogs are huge right now. But this does not mean that there is no more room, definitely, there is. In fact, soon holding a fashion blog will become prerequisite for getting a job in the fashion industry because fashion blogs are used to portray work, showcasing expertise and get known by people and other fashion industry members. Definitely, you would not want your blog to stand out the crowd. But running up your blog requires some serious efforts. Following are the real scoops that are required to run a successful blog.

1. Share

Asking your family, friends and of course your social media friends to like and promote your blog seems annoying. But trust me, sharing your blog with your close ones and social media platform is an essential step to take your blog up. You may get annoyed by less viewership in the starting but do not stop keep updating your blog with freshly brewed content. Once you think you have uploaded enough content to develop an initial readership, get in touch with other bloggers and share your content with them. Work on building the long-term relationship with these bloggers. You can also arrange informational interviews with bloggers you admire. This is one of the best ways to build your network.

2. Consistency

Add a simple, small but visible line stating that “Our new content will be posted on” or “We post new content every Tuesday and Friday” or you can just disclose the topic of your upcoming content. Consistent addition of new content increases the readership of your blog. In addition to this, do not only stick with your publishing schedule, keep looking for the events going around you in the fashion industry and make additional efforts to add them someway on your blog to attract some extra readership.

3. Relationship Building

Once you get your required readership, it is time to contact different brands and agencies to build the relationship. Make yourself present on their media list. If you love a fashion brand and have worn their fashion items before, send them links to those posts and they will share them with their viewership.

4. Get Paid for your services

You have invested your time in your blog and as it grows you need to acquire more resources. There are two ways to get money to acquire resources, either go for equipment financing or sponsorships.  If you are promoting some brand or client’s project, ask for the payment even if they offer you clothes or their products. Promotional content should be treated as an advertisement, even if you can make them part of your everyday post. To keep your blog in the business, you have to earn money through these sponsorships and promotions.

5. Increase readership by the help of other blogs

Once you have a good quality of content on your blog, it is time to promote it through other blogs within the same industry. Write a guest post for other blogs and attract more readership for your blog by creating hyperlinks in the content or just by adding the link to your blog in your author bio.

6. Become an expert in the world of fashion

Make your appearance on local news channels or city magazines and position yourself and your blog as an expert in the fashion world.

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