The key to boosting your fashion brand is endorsing the correct product at the correct time. Instagram has consistently concentrated all its attention to the mobile users. This is the core reason why Instagram enjoys huge following comprising engaged customers. This is not the same with the rest of the social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook or any other social networking sites. Statistics reveal that Instagram posts usually get 60x more replies and responses as compared to the Facebook. Moreover, Instagram is hugely acclaimed for having 120x more in terms of visibility as compared to Twitter. One of the key reasons why Instagram enjoys such a phenomenal online presence is the constant and conscious use of fascinating photos of products that allure more and more people to the platform.

Effective Tips for Attracting More Traffic to Your Fashion Website

  • Familiarity Brings Success: Make it a point to learn about each and every critical feature of Instagram. Before you take the decision to use Instagram for endorsing your fashion brand, you must essentially become conversant with all the characteristics of this photo-sharing application. The need of the hour is getting to know or familiarize yourself with the key Instagram features.
  • Use Instagram for Business: Instagram has launched the super-effective Instagram for Business that seamlessly provides services such as exceptional promotional tips, brand highlights, API examples and also, the latest Instagram news that could be boosting your promotions hugely.
  • Spotlight Must Be on Consumer-Generated Content: It’s well-known to everyone that consumers enjoy being recognized and acknowledged. If you mention customers in your posts, they would be immensely excited and would be charged with emotions like allegiance to your brand. So, they would be promoting your specific brand enthusiastically among their close friends and members of the family.
  • Cross Promoting Across Social Platforms: You could be leveraging all your social media profiles for attracting traffic on to your Instagram account by simply cross-endorsing both the Twitter, as well as, the Facebook accounts.
  • Make Use Of Effective Hashtags For Endorsing All Your Products: Use nice and relevant hashtags for endorsing your products. By using apt hashtags you could be easily connected to others in the fashion industry or the Instagram community of fashion bloggers. In order to attract the attention of all new Instagram fashion followers, you must consider using nice and existing hashtags such as #followme, #photooftheday, #like, #tagsforlikes, #followforfollow etc. You must use hashtags that are creative and unique. Moreover, hashtags are supposed to be relevant to the fashion accessories or other fashionable products. In this context, you must know that today you could seek professional help for getting more and more real Instagram likes and thus, boosting your overall followers.


You must religiously follow all the above-discussed tips for driving more traffic to your specific fashion website. You may also include product-based videos. This could be the best way of appealing to a new audience altogether. You must remember to keep following your follower back. This would mean a strong bond and long-term relationship between you and your followers.

Martha Brown is an SMM professional and she has been pursuing this career path because of her intense love for the social networking sites. She offers valuable advice and passes on information to her readers and fans. She advises her fans to get in touch with a professional company for getting real Instagram likes.