The garden shed, long considered the bolt hole of the male of the species and sometimes referred to as a man cave, can be so much more than just a humble wooden structure at the bottom of the garden. With a little time and plenty of imagination you can turn your shed into pretty much anything you want. If you have been using your shed for storage then why not look for cheap self-storage locally as you will want to empty that shed before you start. There are plenty of self storage providers in all areas of the UK offering personal self-storage options. Here are just a few of the innovative ways in which you could use your garden shed.

1. Playhouse

The proportions of the average sized garden shed make it the perfect size to turn into a playhouse. If your children love to be outside, whatever the weather, then a playhouse at the bottom of the garden is the ideal way to be in the fresh air but under cover. Pinterest is full of stunning ways that you can make your shed into a playhouse, but a good place to start would be with some bright paint, some toy storage, seating and of course some curtains for the windows.

2. Home Gym

If you want to get fit but you lack the motivation to actually journey to the gym once or twice a week then why not turn your garden shed into a home gym; then you really have no excuses for not going to the gym regularly. You might think it will be expensive to set up but you should save plenty of money by cancelling that expensive gym membership that you never use and investing the money in some gym equipment. Your shed will need to have a firm foundation to make it safe for you to use exercise equipment. And it makes sense. You might find yourself comfortable with individual equipment as you get used to the idea of self-improvement and working out at home. Then the idea of taking home a power tower with bench will be more and more appealing.

3. A Workshop

If you have a hobby that is a little noisy, messy or both then creating a workshop in your shed could present the perfect solution. You won’t need much to get started. A sturdy workbench and plenty of storage drawers or racks for all your tools will be perfect to create a space where you can create without disturbing everyone else. You may also need to consider running a power source to your shed as well.

4. An Observatory

If stargazing is your passion then why not create a haven at the bottom of your garden where you can watch the stars in the midst of nature. If you are handy at DIY then with a little planning and work you should be able to rig up the roof of your shed so that you can open it or you could replace the roof with glass so that you get a great view of the stars. Then all you need is enough room to set up your telescope.

With all these ideas you could implement, there’s no reason not to turn your garden shed into a veritable paradise.

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