Video Mark Zuckerberg’s participation in a Jiu-Jitsu match.. The founder of Facebook won two gold and silver medals

The American newspaper USA Today said , in a report published on Monday, May 8, 2023, that Mark Zuckerberg (38 years old) recently participated in his first Jiu-Jitsu tournament, and won a gold and a silver medal, as announced on Instagram.

In the photos posted on his social media account, Zuckerberg appears with other contestants, and also appears in a photo with a referee raising his hand after apparently winning a match.

Mark Zuckerberg competes in jujitsu

The American business tycoon wrote a caption that accompanied his Instagram post: “I competed in my first jiu-jitsu tournament and won some medals for the Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu team. Thank you Dave Camarillo, Kai Wu (The Shadow) and James Terry, for coaching me.”

For its part, the Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu company in San Jose, California, offers jiu-jitsu training for beginners and professionals for all ages: from 3 years old to adults, according to the official website of the academy. It was not clear where the tournament will be held. It should be noted that Zuckerberg lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and three children.

Commentators flocked to the tech mogul’s post to congratulate him on his victory, and jiu-jitsu player Gabriele Marangoni commented, “It was an honor to referee one of your matches. Congratulations fighter.”

One user commented, “Mark vs. Elon, who wants to see this happen,” referring to Elon Musk, owner of Twitter and SpaceX.

Another wrote: ” Zuckerberg vs Tom Hardy in a PPV (pay-per-view) match, let’s do it.” Reports indicated that the English star Tom Hardy participated in the Jiu-Jitsu Championship held in the United Kingdom in September, and won a gold medal.


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