Video.. A massive explosion of a fuel tank left dead and injured in South Africa

A massive explosion of a fuel tank left dead and injured in South Africa
From the explosion video

Tragically, nine lives were lost and approximately forty people wounded when a fuel tanker exploded in Boksburg, located 40 km to the east of Johannesburg. This disaster was confirmed Saturday by fire services at the location.

On Saturday morning, a truck carrying the highly flammable liquefied petroleum gas was stuck beneath an overpass close to residences and a hospital, creating potential danger.

At approximately 7:50 am, William Ntlady, a spokesperson for the fire services in the area reported that despite their swift response and best efforts to contain it, an explosion of tragedy had occurred after they received a call.

A spectacular fireball was seen erupting from the truck underneath the bridge, shared virally on social media. It could be that the vehicle is too tall to pass through this specific overpass.

The spokesperson then reported that the tanker was carrying a whopping 60,000 liters of liquefied petroleum gas, which is usually used in ovens and stoves. He further mentioned that the truck originated from southeast of  the country; its wounded driver has already been brought to medical care facility.

Ntlady reported that 40 people were hurt, out of which 19 have major injuries while 15 are in a stable state despite their grave woundings. Additionally, six firefighters experienced slight harm.