Matt Tommy and his team at Subfliq have created quite a stir in the online world with their consistent ability scaling the online ‘offers’ for numerous entrepreneurial business owners into 6 – 7 figure monthly income revenue streams.. One particular segment where Subfliq’s phenomenal success has been unanimously acclaimed is with YouTube creators operating in the online finance space. These   financial experts share video advice on stocks, crypto and options etc. through the YouTube portal.

What these financial whizzes quickly discovered by joining forces with Matt Tommy and the Subfliq team was that by implementing their own existing video content that they shared on YouTube and aligning it with a recurring subscription platform their business income soared, scaling to new unprecedented heights, thus propelling their businesses into the next stratosphere. Forming this strategic alliance model with Subfliq immediately granted them access to promote their ‘finance knowledge’ services  as monthly subscription programs. This welcome new addition made their services irresistibly, appealing to a much wider audience because as a monthly subscription option it became affordable to almost everyone. 

Here is an example of how the power of knowledge shared has on empowering people. So, let’s go back in time for a moment and look at the Guttenburg Press story. Back in the early 1400’s ideas, education and knowledge were shared by word of mouth, with only the chosen few, those affluent enough in having access to expensive hand written books gained self-power and the knowledge advantage. In regards to the rest of the masses it often took 6 – 18 months for the message of new ideas and knowledge to trickle down to them. There was a great need then to get the knowledge message out there for everyone’s benefit, and like all great inventions, necessity prevailed, and along came Guttenburg. Viola! The printing press was born, knowledge could now be widely shared, and the world evolved in knowledge sharing.

Well, we have certainly come a long way since those first pages rolled of Guttenburg’s Press.  Fast forward and we can clearly observe the internet and online space as the modern day equivalent of the Guttenburgs printing press – with a simple swipe or  press of a button every bit of knowledge is readily accessible.

The next step in this evolution of knowledge is for business experts and domain authorities in their chosen online space to share their know-how with even bigger audiences. So, for all the YouTube creators out there already sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world who want to go that next level then the next natural step is to adopt the recurring subscription model. This is the simplest and most cost effective pathway to reaching the widest audience possible, where your scintillating ‘offer’ is packaged at a feasible monthly recurring rate – think Netflix for an example.

As someone who has been successfully providing industry big-hitters with such recurring 6/7 figure monthly subscription platforms Matt Tommy under the Subfliq banner is certainly an authority worth connecting with.

For more information you can reach Matt Tommy here


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