The United States has been battling the housing crisis for a while now. And the pandemic outbreak has increased this issue to a great extent. Today, workers who earn $15 to $30 every hour find it challenging to find a decent home for themselves. The reasons are many, and it includes the increasing construction costs and the old housing stock. Hence, the absence of proper housing for this group of people makes it challenging for them to save money and move ahead in life. It is also complex for communities to draw in business that needs employees.

Hence, men like Maxwell Drever are among the first few names who emphasized the need for affordable workforce housing for social and economic development. And since the pandemic outbreak has increased the housing issue, several developers and real estate agents are taking steps to eradicate this issue by converting hotels and unused properties to make low-cost houses for the homeless and low-income workers.

What made Maxwell Drever respond to this issue?

Housing is one of the basic needs in life. Today, a huge section of the workforce population doesn’t have a proper residence to stay in. Some of them search for a decent house near their workplace and stay at a home with an increased rent. And that makes them pay half of their incomes as house rent, as a result of which they have to cut short in other aspects of life, like healthcare, food, conveyance and sometimes even medicines.

That aside, people who already are residing in homes with increased rent and have a low-income job, might find it hard to sustain in that income. And since the pandemic resulted in job loss and salary deductions, this section of people can get evicted. And some of them become completely homeless, while others end up staying in a poor home ambiance, where they have to struggle to get proper sanitation.

People need to realize that these people could be probable workforce working for various projects. And if they don’t get the necessary living conditions to lead a successful life, then they won’t be able to put their best at work. As a result, they would never have the required income to support a decent living.

Hence, Maxwell Drever says that affordable workforce housing is a path that can remedy the housing crisis to a great extent. When a crucial workforce gets the required living conditions, they can contribute to their job better, resulting in better projects for several brands.

Hotel conversions act as a remedy

In an attempt to address and resolve the housing crisis, the owners of old, broken hotels and other vacant properties are agreeing to convert the space into an affordable housing unit. These conversions are taking place more today and are under the expert guidance of developers, real estate agents, and even experienced architects. The objective is to make sure that the low-income households and workforce get a space that they can call their own and reside safely. It will lead to economic and social betterment as a whole.

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