Mobile phones have well and truly penetrated the world, with almost every individual above the age of 18 having their own device. That number is about to hit 5 billion in 2019 which accounts for around 75% of the total population. Mobile phones and especially smartphones have a lot of applications that make them coveted and very useful.

Mobiles have been developing over the years with plenty of features being added on a daily basis. First, they were used just to make phone calls, but now with your devices, you can make bank transactions, call for a cab and order food amongst millions of other possibilities. With such exciting prospects in hand, what does the future of mobile phones entail?

1. Augmented Reality

This is one form of technology that is bound to take over mobile phones in the near future. People will be able to make purchases by leveraging AR into their devices. If you see a bookshelf online, you can use the technology to see how it would look in a particular corner of your house.

You can digitally insert physical objects with your camera’s device and be able to switch between augmented and reality. One can enroll in a good mobile application development course to leverage the most out of this form.

2. Foldable phones

This is another aspect that is soon expected to happen. Phones that are foldable, durable and flexible in addition to being waterproof can soon hit the market. These phones will be so much easier to use, especially for individuals who are very clumsy.

The tech will also allow these devices to be break-proof and scratch-proof meaning you will never have to worry about dropping or mishandling your device.

3. Machine learning for applications

Ask anyone who is taking a machine learning course, and they will tell you that it is the future of technology. With good machine learning techniques, companies can reduce the money they’d spend on recruiting agencies for marketing and learning about consumer behaviour.

Machine learning is going to be the way forward in mobile applications and video games because potential customers will be able to get products and play games according to their preferences and likes, thus making the whole experience a whole lot personalised.

Also, machine learning will be used for applications such as language translation in real time, robotics to get work done and predicting future trends for finance amongst a whole host of other benefits as well.

Why take this course

Thus, machine learning is going to be the way forward for any tech-related company who knows their worth. With machine learning, companies can not just save costs but also strategies for the future keeping in mind the learning obtained by this AI-based technology.

The Artificial Intelligence sector is about to grow to around $150 billion+ in the next couple of years or so and now is the best time to invest. By learning about its workings, companies can future-proof themselves and start making revenue purely based out of AI-tech.

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