People rely on phones to process and store reams of personal digital data, right? These digital activities go from checking banks’ balance to paying for products and services with just one tap of the screen to sending personal texts over social media platforms; the phones have become a goldmine for all the personal information about someone.

With the number of smartphone users increasing day after day, there is a rising need for mobile security. Mobile users have now become very vulnerable because of the growth in the mobile phone industries and the introduction of cloud and online services and applications. In other words, millions of users are not fully aware of mobile security and the process seen in the overall usage of phones.

Mobile security refers to protecting portable devices like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and laptops from a wide range of vulnerabilities and threats. Therefore, everyone shows to register for mobile app security testing every once to check on mobile malware.

Types of Mobile Malware –

The types of mobile malware that users might get exposed to are of a video range. The following are some common examples:

  1. Mobile spyware: It is a form of malicious software that can infiltrate and then benign programs and secretly monitor your activities, record your location, and steal your sensitive passwords.
  2. Mobile banking Trojans: As mobile banking has grown in popularity, there has been a high rise of grave problems in cybersecurity worldwide via some mobile banking virus. It’s seen that the mobile banking trojans had attacked many numbers of mobiles, and the number was close to 260,000 users across 164 places.
  3. Rooting malware: It is a particularly unsavory form of malware. These bugs go for the root access to any compromised device to give hackers all the administrative privileges and access to user’s files. Some of these rooting malware can embed themselves into the system folders so that even a factory reset cannot be successful in removing the virus.
  4. SMS malware: it is a form of malware that will manipulate a phone to send some premium rate texts, which are often without the user noticing until they get a shocking bill at the end of the month.

But preventing these things from happening to your phone is possible by using mobile application security testing tools like Pradeo Mobile Application Security Testing. It will assist you in finding problems in your phone before they become too much to handle and even solve them for you.

Ending note

So, now you are aware of why mobile security is essential in today’s world, you should start paying attention to your phone and preventing it from any virus attacks. These viruses are more dangerous than they sound. Therefore, it is better to be safe.

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