Video… The moment a Russian hypersonic fighter crashed after it caught fire in the air

The moment a Russian hypersonic fighter crashed
The moment a Russian hypersonic fighter crashed / Twitter

A Russian hypersonic fighter jet has crashed after it burned up in the air without being bombed while flying over Russian territory, according to Russian state media.

Video clips showed the moment the MiG-31 fighter jet caught fire, which Moscow considers the pride of its national industry, before it collapsed little by little and fell into a lake.

The news agency “Tass”, quoting the Russian Ministry of Defense, reported that the plane crashed in the Murmansk region in northern Russia on Wednesday.

And state media reported that one of the plane’s two jet engines exploded during training and the pilot lost control before the plane fell into a nearby lake, while its two pilots survived.

The incident comes just days after a Russian bomber mistakenly fired a bomb at a Russian city near the border with Ukraine, causing an explosion and injuring three people. 

Witnesses reported that the explosion shook nearby residential buildings and shattered their windows, as well as left a hole 20 meters wide and damaged several cars, one of which landed on the roof of a nearby shop.