Many are the time when you’ve been ready for sex and prepped everything for the entire evening so that you can be in the right moods for the action, but when the time reaches, something somehow just switches you off completely and you no longer have the passion you had before. This is the story of millions around the world and there are a plethora of mood killers you have to watch out for if you want to protect your sex life.

You may have a very comfortable bedroom with the right lighting and the right mattress including the best tempurpedic mattress topper from the stores, but still, you fail to get the quality of sex you had anticipated because something killed your mood. In this article, we’ll look at some of the things that can take you out of the flow and deny you the chance to have a great night.

Receiving a call from your mother

Receiving a call from your motherCan you imagine getting all ready for the action than receiving a call from your mum at 11 p.m. at night? Well, such a call may be alarming because you may not understand why your mother may want to talk to you at that particular time, especially if it’s not her habit to be calling late. In most cases, if it was not emergency, you will be utterly disappointed by the fact that your mum called and interrupted you when you were just about to make out with your partner.

It is these kinds of calls that after you hang up, you lose the mood completely to continue with your sex. If anything, nobody wants to have the idea that their mother just called them they were just about to make love to their partners. It can be embarrassing and will most definitely make you lose interest in sex at that particular time.

Weird noises in the house

Weird noises in the houseWeird noises at night maybe strange and funny at the same time, but one fact is that they’re likely to kill your mood when you were just about to have sex. It can be difficult to ignore what you’ve probably have seen in the movies or read in the books about strangers breaking in at night and stealing from you. Perhaps you live in an insecure neighborhood and will be alert to every noise hear at night. Sometimes, it may just be lizards running up in the ceiling. Irrespective of the source of the source of the noise, you’re likely to be disrupted because you will be concerned that something may be happening outside or inside your home. As such, your moods for having great sex may just disappear. Unfortunately, there is no way you can control such noises and all you can do is just try and avoid being bothered by them if you know that you live in a relatively safe place.

Sudden Nausea

Sudden NauseaThere are many reasons why you may feel nauseated at night. Perhaps it is that time of the month for ladies and they have to deal with the periods or it’s a food you took late in the evening and it didn’t go well with your system. Feelings of nausea are really disturbing and they will never put you in a position to get the most out of your romance. Again, you may not have much to do about these feelings especially if they are due to natural changes in your body and sometimes you may just have to live with them and apologize to your partner for not being what they expected you to be for the evening.

Arguing during foreplay

Foreplay is meant to set the grounds right both physically and emotionally for great sex thereafter. However, when couples argue during foreplay, it is not just the physical experience that gets affected, but also their emotional state also gets affected. Arguing during foreplay is an unnecessary distraction that will most definitely get you out of the moods to have great sex. Sometimes the argument is from one partner’s inability tosatisfy a partner’s desires and this is likely to hurt the ego of the partner who feels they’re not giving the best during the process. A good thing to do is just to stop any form arguments during the foreplay and consider focusing your entire attention to pleasing the other partner.

Sex-related injuries

Injuries do occur during sex and such will always be a great challenge for both couples. If a partner is having a sex-related injury, it is likely that they will not be in the mood for sex until that time that the injury shall be completely healed. Again, they will have a mental barrier towards doing certain things especially if those things were responsible for them having the injuries that they had.

They will also be hurt if the partner has to make fun of the injury or is unable to do as they wish simply because they’re being hindered by the injury. For this, it requires the cooperation of both partners to find an amicable solution to bypass the injury so that they can continue having great sex. Additionally, it is imperative for every couple to practice safe sex and avoid practices that may hinder their sex life by risking them to a myriad of injuries during the action.

Realizing that you don’t have condoms

Things have probably heated up and you’re ready to dive in but you realize that you don’t have condoms. This will definitely kill the mood and you may not feel like having sex again. This is because protection is very important and you wouldn’t wish to risk your life and your health by having sex when you know very well that you may get STDs or possibly make the lady pregnant. If you’re lucky enough that you still have time to run to the stores and get a condom then you can come back and continue with the action. However, when you don’t have any means of getting condoms, then it’s going to be a very unfortunate night for you. To avoid this situation, just ensure that you have a very good stock of condoms in your bedroom.

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