Moving the office to a new destination is a daunting task. You need to do moving or packing. It is also painful and stressful for you. Since, you require to carry heavy office furniture from the old office to the loading truck, and from loading truck to the new office. You feel very tired at the day end after lifting all the heavy furniture items and boxes.

To feel relax on the moving day, you require to familiar with different methods or procedures for lifting heavy office furniture in the correct manner. Most people prefer removalists canberra for this task. It is also mandatory for all people who plans to move their office to a new location. They need to proficient in these fantastic methods of lifting heavy items.

Here we are providing 7 most important tips to maintain and carry heavy office furniture. 

1. Before Lifting the Office Furniture, Think Twice

Lifting the heavy office furniture in a proper way is a challenging task for everyone. First you need to lift the less heavy or lighter office items. It also gives you an idea to safely load the heavy office furniture. Have a look at these amazing office chairs in Singapore online. If you think, that you can easily lift the office items yourself, then carefully move or carry the heavy office items.

office chairs2. Right And Accurate Back Posture:

If you lift the heavy office furniture in a wrong way, then remember you will suffer from the back injury. Therefore, take accurate measures or precautions. It is good for you if you acquired correct back posture during lifting the heavy office furniture and boxes. To safely lift the heavier office items, look straight and retain your back straight. Also retain your shoulders back.

3. Retaining The Firm Grip And Balanced Base

You need to have a hard grip, before lifting the heavy office furniture. It is advised by the professional movers and packers to wear excellent quality gloves in the hand. It will improve your grip and also helps you in safeguarding your hands and fingers. Buy office furniture from a trusted and reputed shop.

When you lift the heavy office furniture, you need to ensure to retaining a wide and balanced base with your feet. The best method is to retain your feet with the same distance as the width of the shoulder. Also retain one of your feet little bit forward. This is the perfect method of carrying the heavy office items. The weight of the complete office furniture will be distributed via your whole body.

Therefore, on certain parts of your body, it ignores placing pressure.

4. Bend Your Knees Rather Than Bending Your Back

While getting detailed information relating to the correct lifting procedures, you also need to ensure that you bending your knees instead of bending your back. If you bend the knees to carry and maintain the heavy office furniture, then it is nearly impossible for you to use your leg muscles. Your strong leg muscles will dominate the whole lifting operation.

5. Move Slowly And Smoothly

The heavy and costly office furniture can put the lot of pressure on the certain part of your body. Therefore, you need to ensure that you move heavy office items slowly and smoothly. So, the muscles and soft tissues can able to offer extra attempts.

6. Push More Rather Than Pulling

If you require to move heavy office furniture by pulling or pushing them, then also ensure that rather than pulling heavy office furniture backward, push the heavy office furniture forward. If you push the heavy office furniture then it needs less force. While, pulling the office items backwards, requires the more force.

7. Keep the Heavy Office Furniture Near To Your Body:

When you need to move the heavy office furniture and boxes, then ensure to carry them very near to your waist. It would assist the load to stay near to the gravity center. It is very useful in maintain stability and carrying the heavy office furniture. You can also take the services of professional movers and packers if you think that it is difficult for you to move the entire heavy office furniture.

To move the heavy office chairs in Singapore, you need to hire the movers and packers team. You can consult your office colleagues while maintaining and carrying the heavy office furniture. It you are not in a position or feels that you alone can not do this work, then take the professional help.

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