Both skins and their value are intangible. Their quality cannot be defined by touch. There are no other bonuses of using skins in gameplay except for impressive visual effects and cool design. However, weapon skins cost money, and gamers bet on CS GO to get them. There are cases where some skins were sold for hundreds or thousands of USD, while others remain dirt cheap at skinport.. Visual attractiveness and uniqueness are key factors contributing to pricing policy in CSGO betting.

Here are the top-10 high-priced skins captured at their lowest price.

  • Five-SeveN Hyper Beast (≈15 USD) looks like a colorful masterpiece and a dangerous weapon at the same time. Aggressive design and glossy finish remind of invincible power hidden in its body. Are you able to bet on Counter Strike GO and tame it?
  • AK-47 Case Hardened (≈30 USD) with laconic design looks nice in the hands of all dedicated gamers as it is a precise weapon for removing anyone who impedes mission accomplishment.
  • P90 Emerald Dragon (≈30 USD) has a scary green dragon that twines around weapon’s body. The creature is couching and waiting for enemies to come closer to attack and strangle them by its deadly coils and stream of bullets.
  • AK-47 The Empress (≈65 USD) keeps a great power inside. Empress got used to be violent when it comes to destroying the enemies. Share her glory and victory in the fight with help of CS GO bets.
  • M9 Bayonet Crimson Web (≈195 USD) turns a knife into a bloody fang in the jaws of a wild predator. The player feels much more invulnerable with it. No wonder that the knife was sold for ≈24,000 USD in 2014.
  • AK-47 Fire Serpent (≈200 USD) has another reptile design. Dangerous green snake covers AK-47, attempting to break away from the weapon. Price for factory new skin reaches ≈3,200 USD.
  • Karambit Case Hardened (≈260 USD) looks the same sharp as a “lion claw”, giving its full strength to the carrying hand. Who dares to touch and break Case Hardened?
  • AWP Medusa (≈865 USD) kills quietly and secretly, when adversary does not suspect that something goes wrong (while the mythical Medusa turned travellers into stone by the look of her eyes).
  • M4A4 Howl (≈1080 USD) is full of uncontrolled fury and anger. It gives no quarter to adversaries while shooting bullets and cleaning a road to final aim. This beast can be purchased by trade or by betting at
  • AWP Dragon Lore (≈1560 USD) is breathing bullets out like a fire. This fantasy weapon skin is the one and only, with a unique kit of features. The most expensive CSGO skin was sold for ≈61,000 USD in 2018.