Are you craving some vape flavors that tantalize your tongue but also tease the memory lane?  With the advent of flavor creations, many companies have set out to recreate some of the blasts from the past that only live on in memory.  Amongst these flavors come candies, cereals, and even sodas.  So, are you pining for something tasty now?  Here is a list of the top five most nostalgic vape flavors available on the market.

Worms by Vape Nostalgia

Some would argue that if you have never had gummy worms what have you been doing with your life?  These things have been around forever! They come in some iconic flavors, blends, sours, and combinations that are the perfect candy.  Remember grabbing a huge box for the movies or biting the ones you liked in half to eat the individual flavors?  Well Vape Nostalgia has perfected this flavor in their Worms liquid.  While that might not be the best naming convention, it is one of the best candy flavors available on the market.

PB&J by Vape Wild

No childhood is complete without a copious amount of peanut butter and jelly.  If you have never had this iconic sandwich, then Vape Wild has got you covered.  Each inhale will give you the sweet mixture of rich creamy peanut butter mixed with a succulent strawberry jam.  Now some people may not have the fond memories of eating PB&J every single day… every day… at lunch and sometimes dinner.  The struggle can get real, okay.  Others may have only had the treat every now and again.  Fortunately, Vape Wild has made this flavor available at any time and it is just like those old jars that had the peanut butter and jam premixed.

Rockstar by Vape Nostalgia

Depending on your generation, you will either kick it with this candy or not.  Coming in at number three, Vape Nostalgia makes another appearance on this list.  In the mid 80’s to early 90’s a candy existed that made a party in your mouth.  Pop Rocks were the king of the candy aisle for their brief reign before being taken off the shelves.  In the last decade they have made a return, but they just are not the same as those succulent crystals that exploded.  These ones may not provide the same pop, but they certainly nailed the taste.

Toucan by Cali Steam

No Saturday morning could be complete without the cartoons blaring in the living room floor with a huge bowl of cereal to devour.   Whether My Little Pony or Transformers, kids of all ages had their go to shows and favorite cereals.  While there are many, many cereal vapes out there, Cali Steam has nailed down the classic taste from Toucan Sam.   Toucan gives you the same fruity blast as taking a big spoonful of fruit loops.  There are many off brands of this iconic cereal, just as many try to match Toucan with their flavor.

Crusher by Good Life Vapor

Who loves orange soda? Everyone loves orange soda… well most people… er some.  Good Life Vapor is here with the reminiscent Orange Crush that takes you back to hot summer days and going to the movies as a kid.  While it may not be Surge or Crystal Pepsi, orange crush is an oldie and most definitely a goodie.  Several of you may have grown out of the taste as an adult, but if you are wanting a trip down memory lane, pick this flavor up.  If you aren’t exactly a fan of orange soda, try any of their other classic soda flavors.  That tangy orange bite is you realize is missing in your life.

Well there you have it.  Five great flavors from your youth that are bottled in vape form for your enjoyment.  And like it or not, they are hear to stay.