If you are looking for the most touching love messages for her you have come to the right place! Sweet SMS can add romance to your relationships. Melt her heart by sending her a message expressing your feelings. To get an idea read out some tips here at Viv Magazine.

Modern technologies develop every day and give us more space for expressing our thoughts and feelings. They allow as well keeping in touch with cherished people. A time when people used for communication letters has passed and messages become shorter. To communicate with your beloved you even don’t need a fixed phone. Mobile gadgets open new opportunities and conveniences to their users.

No doubts, talks with a beloved person are pleasant, but an unexpected touching love message can make her heart throbbed with joy.

Love Messages Rules of Etiquette

Communication rules of etiquette are relevant for written mobile communication. You should be polite and at the same time avoid misunderstandings. Written communication lacks intonation and face expression, so you should express your thoughts and feelings clearly.

Sometimes it is easier to express emotions and feelings in SMS, you can write words you couldn’t say out loud in personal conversation. However, still, guys very often hesitate whether to write a love SMS or not.

There are several types of love messages:

  • A desire SMS
  • An expectation SMS
  • A good morning SMS
  • A good night SMS
  • A reminder SMS
  • A poem SMS

The types of SMS we have listed above can be great in the following situations:

  • When a distance separates the lovers.
  • When a man wants to apologize for some actions or words that offended her.
  • To support or cheer up a girl in a stressful or difficult situation.
  • To inspire the beloved one if you are not near.
  • To convince her that she is not alone.

What to write in a message to a loved one and what to avoid

Love messages usually are pleasing for both the author of the message and the recipient. It is not necessary to express directly your feelings you can just make a hint. There are also SMS that do not demand a response and their main aim is to let the lady know that she means a lot to you. If a guy chooses correct word the girl will reciprocate and please an author of an SMS by a positive response. If there will be no response you can be sure that the recipient is not interested in the further communication and relationships. We exclude of course force major situations when there is no possibility to answer (for example, lack of funds on a mobile phone, low battery, inconvenient situation for typing, etc.)

We strongly recommend you not to make the first love confession through SMS. It is a special moment that requires personal meeting, visual contact, personal warmth, viewing the emotions of the reaction on such long-awaited words.

Now when you know the main rules in writing a love message, it is high time for examples. You can use them to express your feelings. Add new words if you have inspiration and overfilled with emotions.

Top 5 most touching love messages:

  1. It is difficult to express how special you are; It is impossible to explain how precious you are; It is incredible happiness to have you in my life; I love you so much.
  2. My Angel, I will never forget that moment when you came into my life. It is difficult to forget warmth and excitement I experienced! You own my heart and always will be its owner!
  3. You make me better, you make me kinder! You bring only wonderful things into my life. It is impossible to express my happiness that you are with me and you love me!
  4. You are more beautiful than roses, you are brighter than the sun, you are more gentle and fragile than butterflies! My love is greater than the ocean! I miss you so much!
  5. I adore when you smile because the sun shines brighter, I love when you laugh because billions of diamonds are scattered around. I can’t stay when you cry because every teardrop leaves a scar on my heart.

Hope you have found useful information here. You can also click to find more love messages to impress your beloved by pleasant and full of love words. Do not lose any opportunity to express your feelings. Life is too short! Tell her that she means a lot to you in personal or phone conversation or just sending a touching love message for her. Words of real love will only strengthen your relationships. But do not limit expressing your feelings by sending romantic SMS. Your beloved will appreciate deeds.

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