Have you ever thought about how shopping cart software makes your work easy?

In the terms of online marketing, multi-store shopping cart software is considered as the piece of e-commerce software which is embedded on web server and allows visitors across the world to select items for final purchase. In the language of British, it is commonly referred as shopping basket at which the customers place their goods.

Functions of Multi-Store Shopping Cart Software

Multi-store shopping cart software is generally a software that allows customers to gather all the list of items that they wish to purchase. The main use of this software is to calculate shipping and handling orders along with set of charges and taxes imposed on these set of services. Whereas it is also known abridging the gap between shopping and buying.

These are those set of applications that are created for capturing the payment information of a client. But its application differs in the case of credit-card where information relies more on software module of the secure gateway provider along with secure payment gateway.

How it is processed?

The multi-store shopping cart software is installed on the server which runs the site and can accept the confidential information of a customer. Moreover, some of the programming in installing this software is also executed through HTML coding. HTTP cookies or query strings are usually used for executing the functioning E-shopping carts. In many server based implementations, data which is related to the shopping cart is reserved within session object and it’s manipulated on the fly when the customers wishes to select different items from the internet. In the final stage, when the transactions of a customers are finalised, then the multi-store shopping cart software accesses the information and generates orders which are necessary for selecting an item.

Many multi-store shopping cart software provides various features that a software engineer uses for managing online store. Data which is stored in the form of products, categories, discounts is genuinely stored in the databases and several software are used for accessing them.

Multi-store shopping software can be categorised in three distinctive ways.

Open Source Software

It is type of software which can be produced under an open source license and does not carry any charge. It allows a wholesaler to host the software through web hosting service. Moreover, it also allows users to access and alter the source code of the whole online store.

Licensed software

Another type of software which can be downloaded and then get installed on a webserver. It is often linked with single time fee and its foremost advantage lies in the hand of merchant who also owns a license. More importantly, it can also host any webserver that come across the server requirements.

Hosted service

It is a software that can never be downloaded but is facilitated by a hosted service provider and it can be generally paid on a monthly or annual basis. It is also called as application service provider (ASP) software model. It consist of templates that allows a user to choose their preferred items.