Musk asks Twitter users to vote on reactivating Trump’s account

“My son died in my  hands, and I will not have mercy on anyone.” A strange tweet by Musk
Elon Musk ( Shutter Stock )

On Friday night, Elon Musk took to Twitter to post a poll asking users whether or not they thought former President Donald Trump’s account, banned by the social media platform’s previous owners, should be restored.

On Friday, Musk announced via Twitter that no decision had yet been made about Trump’s return to the famous site.

In the same tweet, he also announced that other controversial personalities, such as Kathy Griffin and Jordan Peterson, will be reinstated.

Musk tweeted that Twitter’s new policy is “freedom of expression, but not freedom of access.” He added that negative or hateful tweets will be maximally demonetized and monetized, so Twitter will not be able to generate advertising or other revenue from them.

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