Millions of people around the world embark on a weight loss journey every single year. But, there is so much incorrect information out there these days, which often overwhelms people before they’ve even started. Now, unless you take time to become knowledgeable about fitness & nutrition, it’s difficult to distinguish what’s a myth and what’s real.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 myths about weight loss that you should ignore…

You can’t lose weight while eating carbs

Carbohydrates are crucial for allowing your body to function and perform optimally. Without carbohydrates, your body will struggle to find a long-lasting source of energy to keep your organs and system healthy.

So, it’s important that you continue to eat consume carbs, but it’s also important to not over indulge in them. You see, while carbs do form a balanced diet, any excess carbs will store as fat around the body.

You’ll get fat if you eat fats

This is one of the biggest myths that exists in the fitness world by far. Yes, consuming saturated fats on a regular body would be counterproductive to your weight loss journey. But, healthy fats are essential to forging a balanced diet.

These healthy forms of fat aid in keeping your cholesterol low, blood pressure low and your omega-3s high. Plus, eating fish, avocado, olives and nuts can be very tasty!

You should just focus on calories in and calories out

Essentially, losing weight does revolve around the number of calories you eat in correlation with the number of calories you burn. Usually, you’ll need to be in a caloric deficit of roughly 500 calories to lose weight. However, calories are just a set of numbers.

You can’t just eat a ton of processed foods which are high in saturated fats and expect to see results, even if you do hit your required calorie intake. Instead, you should focus on consuming calories which have high nutritional value, and which allow you to meet your macronutrient needs.

Lowering your calories isn’t sustainable

Everyone has different goals, and what may work for one individual may not work for another. For instance, someone may want to lose weight quicker than the normal rate, and this is categorically achievable. Let’s take a look at the hCG drops low-calorie protocol as evidence that low-calorie diets can provide staggering results.

It is comprised of three simple stages – loading phase, burning phase and maintenance phase. You’ll simply load with carbohydrates for 2 days, burn for 26 to 43 days on a 500-calorie hCG diet along with hCG drops, and then maintain for 3 weeks on a sugar-free diet. Of course, this isn’t suitable for everyone, but those with commitment and motivation will see results.

You can’t enjoy your diet while losing weight

The majority of people believe that losing weight has to be accompanied by a boring, dull and uninspiring diet. But, healthy ingredients can be used to concoct delicious meals that are fresh and vibrant. Plus, having one doughnut or bowl of ice cream every so often will not prevent you from losing weight, as long as you stay consistent overall.