Nancy Pelosi is giving up her role as the Democratic leader in the United States Congress.

Nancy Pelosi is giving up her role as the Democratic leader
Nancy Pelosi ( Shutter Stock images)

The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives in the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, announced Thursday her intention to not seek reelection for this position in the next House.

Pelosi, 82, said she will not run for the Democratic administration in the next Congress after Republicans won majority in the House of Representatives. She has played a major role in US politics for two decades.

As media outlets predicted, the Republicans gained a majority in the US House of Representatives from the Democrats. Their slim legislative majority allows them to oppose President Joe Biden’s work program during his next two years in office, which leads to a Congress that is evenly divided between the parties.

After the GOP’s disappointing performance in the November 8 midterm elections, their majority in the House of Representatives will be much smaller than anticipated, and they also failed to take control of the Senate.

After the Speaker of the House of Representatives announced her plans to step down from leadership, US President Joe Biden said, “Nancy Pelosi may step down from a leadership role in Congress, but she will never hesitate to defend our democracy.”

“Belosi was the most influential Speaker of the House in the history of the country,” Biden added. He is predicted to be succeeded by Kevin McCarthy, who won a secret ballot within his party on Tuesday, led by now Republican majority in charge of the House.

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