Screenshot is a comparatively emerging trend that has come to sheer prominence in the recent times. This is one of the leading boons of digital technology that today aids in the safety, documentation, recording and testing of many aspects to help projects, organizations unfold properly. It is basically a technique that is utilized by end-to-end testing that effectively captures a screenshot comparing the result with an expected imagery from an URL. It is an easy and simple way to validate whether your app or software is running as good as you expect tit too run or perform. This method is adapted by a substantial percentage of organizations for finding web testing based solutions in today’s time. The primary advantageof Screenshot web testing is basically the sum of the code you should be writing. With a couple of lines, the code you need to write to perform a test on the specific scenario. 

One of the solutions that definitely deserve mention here is the Comparium application. It has become a trend among modern users if they need to run a screenshot web test. It allows users to understand whether their web pages are properly being rendered without any hassle or technical glitch.

Taking a screenshot using the application on Mac OS X

With the help of the comparium application, you can perform several functionalities. Taking screenshots is one of them. The above mentioned user can create many categories of screenshots with the help of several types of shortcuts of the Mac screenshot.

Taking a full screen shot of the desktop

One of the most common necessities that you need while performing your project is taking full screenshots. The actual key to creating similar screenshots perfectly with no necessary glitches is Command + Shift + 3. It is that simple when you use the comparium application. Unlike other methods, you will not need to save the screenshot separately. It shall automatically be saved with the title of “Screenshot 2019-04-06 at 17.23.04.png”.

Use comparium to take a screenshot of the screen part

Taking a shot of a certain part of the screen is a common concept that is often used by both commercial as well as persona users in all parts of the world. When using the comparium app, the procedure gets even simpler. You will need to press Cmd + Shift + 4 and simple mark the part of the screen you need to. Automatically you will see the result of the screenshot popped up at the middle of the screen that you can further use.

Capturing the active program window with the help of comparium

In this part in case, the already taken screenshot shall as well be saved automatically on your desktop. In order to generate a relevant screenshot, simply press the combination of Cmd + Shift + 4 and space.

There are many other options as you can use the Comparium application in several other operating systems which includes the windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 10 and may more. It is highly flexible and compatible with any browser and OS. For more details visit the company’s official website.


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