Netflix announces a second part of the “Wednesday” series.. This is its possible show date

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Good news for obsessed followers of the hit show Wednesday – Netflix has just announced that it will be releasing a sequel this November 23rd, 2022! Unanimously praised by viewers and critics alike, the first part was an unprecedented success; so get your popcorn ready to watch one of television’s most anticipated follow-ups.

On January 6, 2023, Netflix confirmed production for the sequel of this popular series with a video posted on YouTube and Instagram. The clips featured their leading actress and showcased some of the iconic moments from the show to celebrate its return.

In 2022, the series quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular – so much so that other shows were produced as a result. Furthermore, there was even an accompanying video posted to YouTube in order to further bring it into the spotlight!

Within two days of its release, the video announcement for the second installment in the “Wednesday” series racked up 11 million views on YouTube and garnered a great reaction from viewers in terms of likes and comments.

“Wednesday” is a continuation of the famous “Addams family”.

The Wednesday series stars acclaimed American actress Gina Ortega, famed for her horror movie roles. Alfred Koog had the responsibility of directing it and Melisse Millar wrote its script.

The story tells of a girl who is distinguished by a great deal of courage and intelligence, and her age does not exceed 15 years.

And “Wednesday” belongs to the famous “Adams” family, whose first films were produced in 1960, so that this series would be an extension of all the films, as well as the cartoons that were produced for this mysterious American family.

The events of the series take place inside an academy called “Never More”, and there appear many mysteries and mysterious matters, which the heroine works to solve, but the last episode ends with a mysterious message, which makes the events more suspense and excitement.

Possible date for the second season of the series 

According to ” Forbes ” magazine , it was expected that the second part of the “Wednesday” series will be shown at the end of 2024, because the second part of the series is at the beginning of the writing stage.

The same source indicated that the beginning of filming the first part of the series began in September 2021, and ended in March 2022, this is approximately 6 months of filming, while the preparation process took approximately 8 months, which means that the total time needed A second part is about a year and a half, or more, if the period in which the new script will be written is added.

While the magazine revealed that actress Gina Ortega’s professional program is full of other projects, and when taking into account that she is the heroine of the series, this means that the filming stage may be delayed, even after the completion of writing.

It was pointed out that the showing of the first part of the “ Wednesday ” series in November of the year 2022 did not come by chance, because it is suitable for the Halloween atmosphere, through the nature of the story of the series, or even the clothes that were approved for the characters, this indicates The second part will most likely take place in the same month of the year 2024.

This resulted in a great interaction on the “Wednesday” dance, in which she was dressed in black clothes and performed strange movements, which made the pioneers of social networking sites rely on her in the form of a new challenge, during the Halloween period, as well as birthdays.