Netflix begins crackdown on password sharers in 4 countries

Netflix begins crackdown on password sharers in 4 countries

After months of anticipation, Netflix has revealed its password sharing policy guidelines to users in New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and Canada.

On Wednesday, February 8th, the American company declared that users in four countries will be requested to select a main residence for their Netflix accounts and permit two secondary profiles for those who are not living with the primary user.

Furthermore, the company will impose a monthly fee for each extra user of $7.99 in Canada, NZ$7.99 in New Zealand , €3.99 in Portugal andu2019a €5.99 charge for users from Spain .

According to the director of product innovation for Netflix, an astonishing number – over 100 million households – share their account details. This has a direct impact on how much the company can invest in new films and TV series.

Over the last few days, our company has been unveiling key elements of their plan to make sharing passwords more secure by requiring device verification when a user tries to log into an account from outside their home network. This technique will help guarantee that only legitimate users can access password-protected accounts.

If your account is being used on an unfamiliar device or in a location that’s not close to home, this safeguard will be activated. That way we can ensure it’s really you who has access and keep your data safe!

Netflix announced the implementation of their new changes on Wednesday and is providing users with an easy-to-use “Manage access & devices” page so that they can control who uses their accounts. No more waiting around – these updates are effective immediately!