Carpets are a great choice in flooring. They’re elegant, soft and easy to clean with the help of Brisbane carpet cleaners. If you are looking at potential flooring choices, you’ll find many different types of carpeting available on the market. You’ll also find lots of different and fabulous designs. Modern designers have responded to their clients with a vast array of options that can help lighten up any room and intense style and wonderful personality. There are patterned residential carpet, commercial carpet in different colors, and even carpets that have cut-outs that let other types of flooring show through. Look for designs that work well with existing pieces in your home. You’ll create a focal point that appeals to you and all of your guests.

Black and White

Classic black and white is always in style. The same is true today. Carpet designers are tackling these two colors and making then new again. They’re showing off different kinds of black and white carpeting choices for the home. If you’re looking at black and white carpeting, you’ll find that designers are showing off many different possibilities. You’ll also find that the classic black and white may take the form of a more muted black and white with lots of tones of grey. If you want something that has instant appeal, look for black and white rugs with a swirl of color that starts at the edges of the carpet and continues throughout the entire design. This is a good choice for high traffic areas.

Neon Shades

Neon is a gas. It’s also a realm of varied colors that have been applied to many areas of the home. Neon shades really stand out against any background. This makes carpeting in shades of neon a good choice in rooms that need that extra pop of personality and additional life. Look for carpeting with shades of neon against a more muted background. For example, neon yellow design when placed against a beige backdrop will help add movement and create something appealing in any room.

Herringbone Patterns

Another classic, herringbone is a pattern that’s frequently seen in many places inside and outside the home. It’s a popular pattern for tiles. It’s also a pattern that’s increasingly being seen in carpeting. This is one for the ages. Herringbone patterned carpets are a good choice for rooms that have a formal theme. Use them in a home office to create an air that indicates the homeowner is a serious person. Designers are showing them in standard office colors such as brown as well as other colors like pink and blue that are a good choice for a new baby’s room. This is a pattern that works well with other modern pieces. It can help bring attention to the crisp and highly inviting lines often seen in a Scandinavian rocking chair or modern dining room table and chairs.

Bold Designs

Bolder designs are also on the table today. Designers are rethinking how they use carpets in the home and having fun with them. For example, people will find lots of designs that catch the eye immediately and make it clear the homeowner loves bold and modern ideas about designs. Bold designs of all kinds are designs that may have brighter colors as well as new and inviting shapes. Homeowners will find dark colors such as red used with other, equally dark colors like vivid shades of orange in the same carpeting. These are ideal for rooms where the homeowner wants to show off their sense of personality and their willingness to experiment with new forms and new ways of seeing things. Rugs that have flair are rugs that are just right for a contemporary home.

Cut Out Fun

Carpet designers are also playing around with the literal shape of the carpets. They’re creating lovely designs that involve cutting out pieces of the carpet itself. This results in carpeting that is ideal in a room with other types of flooring. For example, people who have lovely hardwood flooring may want to show it off as much as possible. A carpet with several large cut outs can draw attention to the underlying flooring and let it shine through underneath the carpeting. This is a fun choice for a children’s room. The cut out may come in many forms including floral designs and designs based on geometric details. Carpets like these are also easy to keep on hand and then switch out as the seasons continue to change. Bring out different types of carpets depending on the weather for a truly unique look.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are in style again. Designers are applying them to carpeting. You’ll see lots of zebra prints and other forms of animal inspired rugs. Animal prints are amusing and interesting. Look for different prints that you can use in different rooms. A cowhide print is a good choice in rooms that get a lot of guest traffic as they are unexpected and audacious. For a softer look, an animal print like a leopard can be used in the dining room to help add some much needed pizzaz and make it feel like a great gathering place. Animal prints are also ideal for use in an older teen’s room. They work well with other, modern elements that kids this age really love.

Two Toned

Tone on tone is another popular choice today. People are looking for rugs that use many different shades in a single piece. They’re finding it in the rugs they see on the market today. Two toned rugs are highly popular because they allow the person to bring in varied themes of color and still stick to an overall color plan in a room at the same time. These are rugs that are a good choice in rooms where people are looking for something that’s muted but also attractive and visually striking. They’ll find it with ease with these kinds of rugs.