A new slip of the tongue by Biden (Video)

The US president “mistakes” with an incomprehensible statement about women in his administration


Once again, US President Joe Biden slipped his tongue during a speech on Friday, February 3, 2023, this time in statements related to women in his administration.

In an incomprehensible statement reported by the various American media , Biden said that “more than half of the women in my administration are women.”

This was during his presentation to journalists of the share of women among the workforce in the United States of America, which amounts to 50%.

According to the context of Biden’s speech, it is likely that he intended to say that half of the workers in his administration are women, to add this to a list of missteps that he has usually been known for since his arrival in the White House, such as his missteps related to the names of countries and his mention of political figures who he forgot had died, and many others.

Irony of Biden

Biden’s latest slip-up sparked a storm of sarcastic comments on social media.

In other tweets, commentators rejected Biden’s continuation as president due to his old age, and that this is what causes repeated gaffes and mistakes, expressing concerns about his remaining in office.

This comes at a time when media in America recently reported that Biden plans to announce his intention to run for a second term in the White House, during this February.

She added that during the recent period, the Democrats themselves asked whether Biden would run again, especially after reaching his eighty year.