If you are a small business owner or employee, you probably have first hand experience with how difficult it can be to scale certain parts of the company. Oftentimes, these businesses will go through phases where the demand created will be higher than what they can supply. This can happen in the customer service department, where a lack of human resources can cause some serious issues.

But at the same time, you are unable to simply hire more people for the sole purpose of answering the phone, as you’re not yet swimming in profits and are just starting to scale the company. So what shall you do?

Phone answering services for small businesses

Enter phone answering services for small businesses. These services allow you to essentially outsource your telephone line, lifting a huge weight off your shoulder. Outsourcing customer service, particularly to countries like India, is no new idea. It has been done cheaply for decades. But recently a new kind of answering service has been gaining popularity. A little bit more pricey, they provide much higher quality service and even train their representatives to know as much about your company as yourself: CallNET.

Benefits of CallNET

Hiring a company like that to manage your incoming phone calls can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Anyone that has ever answered phones in a company knows that most of the calls are rather small non-issues that can easily be fixed. You really should not have to hire a person only to deal with these kinds of calls.

Always available

Instead, CallNET and other offers to take over your phone calls for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is another huge advantage to employing your own receptionist; CallNET is always available to answer any call you might be getting, whereas even a full-time employee will not only have weekends and holidays off but also cause 16 hours of downtime daily.

Affordable and Flexible

Hiring a company like CallNET amounts to roughly the same cost as employing a full-time receptionist, but gives you so much more flexibility in the workplace. On top of that, the employees at CallNET will be taught in your specific product and niche so that they are always able to provide knowledgeable advice to your customers. CallNET’s transparent pricing schemes allow you to pick exactly what you need, and get exactly that. No hidden fees or costs are a big reason why the company has been crushing the competition in the last decade.

So, by outsourcing your phone line you are likely to save money, provide a better service experience to your customer, and scale your business without having to employ inflexible customer service personnel. The pros on this list really outweigh the cons, which are few and in between.

Why wait to make your business more flexible? Start scaling your business today by providing high-quality customer service that is available not only on weekdays during working hours, but 24/7 on holidays and weekends as well.

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