Are you looking for night huntsman mask for Halloween or for other special occasions? Then, this article is the right one for you because we are going to recommend you the best notorious mask of night Huntsman and more ways to light up your Halloween costume.

Prep Halloween costume

Did you remember your Halloween experience when you were a kid? It is probably that you likely went trick-or-treating with the best costumes you thought you were. Most of your old costumes were made out of tacked on plastic or simple fabric. Nowadays, there is something you can do to take Halloween costume to the next level.

By combining easy and simple access to DIY technology and advances in electronic lighting, everyone can spice Halloween costume a little bit with more brilliance and color to plain Halloween costume. What things should you add more to your Halloween costumes beside mask of night Huntsman? Let’s check this out!

Stick figure in LED

Why do you need this? That’s probably a good question to ask for this LED stick figure. In the night, of course, you can see the lights clearly. But have you ever thought that a black suit is hard to pick out? That’s the reason why you can put LEDs that is programmable on your black suit in the shape that looks like a stick figure. By doing that, you can turn yourself into a glowing stick, breathing, living person. There are many images and videos of it to give you little inspiration how to do it. Halloween has never been this fun!

LED Shoe Clips

After you find out a lot of inspirations from YouTube about modifying Halloween costumes, it is time for you to think about shoes. There are many tutorials you can see of how to make shoe clips for Halloween. Those shoe clips are proposed to make your Halloween more alive. They are more like non-scary decoration. They usually can be worn even for bridesmaids to wear. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of a famous classic literature, Wizard of Oz, you can create its themed shoes by using a red clip.

EL Wire Suit

In order to create a little bit different look for the same effect, you can use another way. Instead of using LEDs, you can use EL wire! EL wire will help you create an outlined costume that will make you stand out in the room. You can find another tutorial on the internet to know the basic tutorial of EL wire suit.

Robot Costume

Even though you are not sure when you look at a little robot’s lights made of, don’t worry. Actually, you can create the awesome robot costume strategically by taping LED surrounded by a robot costume. You can browse for more designs of robot costumes that made out of second-hand materials. There are a lot of robot costumes that are illustrated a shiny and lighting costume. By wearing this costume, you surely can go trick or treat together with your friends confidently.

Cyberpunk LED Eyes

Do you want a more shocking look? Try this Cyberpunk LED eyes that can make you glow in the dark. You can wear cyberpunk LED eyes which trick people around you that make you look sharp in the dark. Although these LED eyes look very charming and awesome, you can imagine that it will be hard to find out people’s reaction when they see you in these LED eyes. When you wear those LED eyes, they will look to require enough amount of skill of soldering to build that can be a boundary for other.

Glowing 3D Printed Gas Mask

hen you combine NeoPixel rings and EL wire, you will create a gas mask. But, this gas mask is non-functional gas mask so you don’t need to worry about that. This gas mask will surely be the highlight besides mask of night Huntsman. For more advantage, you can still see everything clearly even though another eye is covered by the mask.

About night huntsman mask

If you think that the Halloween costumes inspirations above are not complete without the light up mask like a mask of night Huntsman, then you should consider buying one. You can find them online since there are many online stores sell it. This mask has specifications. They are including:

It is glowing with four different settings (fast flash, slow flash, on, and off)

Mask that is supported by wired LED lighting which is surrounded by the mask

The size of the package is 20cm x 15cm x 5cm

The battery-powered is 2xAA that powers the mask

It comes with clicker of a button to change the settings

So, what are you waiting for? Order your night huntsman mask now and take the Halloween this year into the next level.