Norton Utilities Review 2017

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With powerful disk tools to complete Tunes up your entire system and accurate list of the errors found, Norton Utilities from Symantec is a very good choice to help your PC run like new. And improved computer performance and with its Real-Time system reports and the easy navigational interface along with simple menu stops almost all the competition and with Norton Utilities you can make sure you protect your computer from freezing programs, crashes, errors and more, With these powerful Optimizing PC Performance and Disk Doctor makes Norton Utilities one of our top-notch Choice in the best PC repair list.


Price: Was $49.99 Now $29.99
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  • PC tune-up and repair
  • Easy to use
  • Included performance test tool.
  • Lacks one-click fix and repair
  • First TuneUp takes long time
Bottom Line

Norton Utilities did a great job of improving and repair PC performance, is one of the best PC repair software

Norton Utilities Review 2017

Norton Utilities dashboardNorton Utilities from Symantec helps to keep your PC operating smoothly by using Norton Utilities to scan, identify, clean and repair errors in your Windows registry with a single click., with the new features set and enhancement make it one of the best PC tune-up and system repair software in the market in 2017. Norton offers a medium range of features in its software application. It offers specific support for system optimization, some repair functions, and integration with other Norton products. The program excels at providing core functions. Running a disk scan or defragmenting a disk is fast and painless. While it may lack certain tools such as hardware or network analysis features, the program keeps the job simple with its excellent core functions.

With the new Disk Doctor which identifies and fixes potential problems that can lead to hard drive crashes. and with the new Norton UnErase™ lets you quickly restore accidentally deleted files that may be hidden on your hard drive. you can make sure that your PC running smooth and clean.

Manage Your Services” opened a list of third-party services that are loaded when Windows starts—I was surprised at the sheer number of programs that were active behind the scenes such as Fax and Smart Card services. Like System Mechanic, Norton Utilities gives you a description of each file, which is a technological godsend for those that don’t recognize the more obscure and technical names. Right-clicking on a name let me start, or block, applications from running at startup. Unfortunately, it lacks any type of health meter, then gives you an at-a-glance reading of your PC’s condition..

norton utilities recoverNorton Utilities performed many of its functions very quickly, including its disk defragmentation program. The present version of Norton Utilities, as a standalone program, is fairly light in terms of system resources. Older versions of Norton Utilities were known for being system resource hogs and slowing down systems. This version of Norton Utilizes has been built with just core components and without extras that would bog down the system. but still the first scan takes a long time.

One of the important Norton Utilities includes its own handy built-in performance testing tool that measures your system’s performance both—before and after clean up—by measuring CPU, Memory, Disk, and Optical Drive capabilities. You can click “Run All Tests” to cycle through each.


Overall, Norton Utilities is is an effective tool for PC repair and its lightweight on systems’ resources. with a decent collection of tune-up tools that gets the job done, Norton Utilities price at $49.95


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Save $20 Buy Now


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Norton Utilities is is an effective tool for PC repair and its lightweight on systems' resources. with a decent collection of tune-up tools that gets the job doneNorton Utilities Review 2017