Best Way to Remove Winlogon.exe Virus

What is Winlogon.exe? Is a dangerous virus or worm, this virus affects your computer’s ability and slow down your PC or shut it down , This file is usually found in C:\Windows\system32 folder. You are advised to delete the file. Scan your computer with an antivirus software to make sure it is removed entirely.

Also you need to be more careful about this virus because there is a legitimate file/process Winlogon.exe in the C:\Windows folder. Winlogon is a part of the Windows Login subsystem, and is necessary for user authorization and Windows activation checks..


it is necessary to delete the Winlogon.exe file as quickly as possible. Thankfully, removing the file is not as time-constraining as removing other, wider-spread malware files. you can use the Manual Way or Download and Run our recommended software Malwarebytes to remove this virus

Manual Way to remove Winlogon.exe Virus

1.¬† Go to Start > Run > type ( cmd ). ,and then click the “OK” button.

2. Type in ( taskkill/IM winlogon.exe ) and press “Enter.”.

3. Restart your computer to “Safe Mode with Networking” by using F8

4. Go to Start > (My) Computer > double-click the “C:” drive . ,and then Choose “Program Files” and then select “winlogon.exe.” Press “Delete” and the file will be removed from the computer.

5.Restart your PC and allow it to boot normally.

Attention: To ensure that the Winlogon.exe file running on your computer is legitimate and not a virus, We are not highly recommend to use the manual way, You can easily remove the files in the temp folder by running Malwarebytes to remove this virus and it worked so we recommended to you too.. make sure to download Melawarebytes in the safemode.


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