Oculus Orb in Oldschool RuneScape

Oculus Orb in Oldschool RuneScape

Old School RuneScape inspires thousands to explore the vast world of Gielinor to this day, and as players progress through the story, they encounter obstacles on their path. For this reason, more experienced players create educational content that helps the players get around Gielinor more easily. One fantastic item significantly creates content by allowing users to control the in-game camera. This item is called the Oculus Orb. 

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The Oculus Orb 

As mentioned above, Oculus Orb offers a unique effect that lets players take control of the in-game camera, allowing for better viewpoints, therefore, better shots for content creators. In addition, the Oculus Orb can be used to gain vision of certain areas in the game that are 

otherwise inaccessible, such as the Drill Demon event barracks, or could have been accessed at an earlier point in the game, like the King Black Dragon Lair. 

The Oculus Orb got its name from the Latin word ‘eye,’ as it does precisely that; it offers vision virtually anywhere in Gielinor and numerous points of view. Players can acquire the Oculus Orb from Diango in Draynor Village. He owns Diango’s Toy Store, located in the South-West part of the village, in the Draynor Market across from Port Sarim. Players can purchase the orb for 60 gold coins. 

How does the Oculus Orb work? 

Players will find the Oculus Orb very useful as they can take control of the game client’s point of view. Moreover, this allows having a viewpoint that is not centered on the player’s avatar but can be used to explore everything within the character’s field of vision, in other words, up to where the game is loaded. 

Unfortunately, the Oculus Orb cannot be used during combat and does not work underwater and with other environment overlays. Nonetheless, this offers an excellent way to create YouTube or other media content. 

We mentioned how the orb could be used to explore otherwise inaccessible areas. However, the Oculus Orb can also give vision to places not in the player’s vicinity and those that have to be accessed uniquely. The prime example would be granting sight to the Mime event area from Iban’s Throne

Oculus Orb Key Binds and Their Meanings 

To start using the Oculus Orb, players must click the orb to initiate the ‘Scry’ functionality. Additionally, players should be aware that accessing the orbs functions disables avatar controls as the orb interface will appear.

Additionally, players’ avatars will disappear while using the Oculus Orb to allow for better shots. However, the avatar will remain visible to other players, as if they were looking at a scroll. 


Players must click on the item in their inventory to access the Oculus Orb commands. Then, the orb will begin scrying, and a unique interface will appear, removing the standard player commands. The following is a table of all orb commands and their functions. 

F1 Press to enable or disable the Oculus Orb interface. W, A, S, D and R, F ‘Press to move the camera in a wanted direction. MMB or Arrows Hold MMB or press arrows to rotate the camera. Escape Press to exit the Oculus Orb interface. Space Press to reset the camera. 

Page Up/Page Down Press to speed up or slow down the camera. Shift Hold to maneuver the camera slowly. 


Oculus Orb has many useful functions to make the content creators’ lives easier. We can only guess how difficult it is for creators to produce a video with decent content and visuals, not to mention for a ten-year-old game. After all, those people help thousands of players daily with their guides and videos, so introducing an easy-to-use tool for taking quality shots was a good move from Jagex to boost engagement.