What is Omega XL?

There is the likelihood of joint pains and inflammation when you suffer from a weak immune system, dietary deficiencies, aging, and infections. Your pain receptors may trigger some sensations that are uncomfortable and, additionally, autoimmune conditions might cause Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis. The health and wellness company Great HealthWorks Inc. have introduced  pain relief products for these conditions. According to the manufacturer, Omega XL formula includes chemical compounds from shellfish oils that are natural remedies for aching joints.

This active extract from the Green Lipped Mussel may ease stiffness and discomfort from joint disorders. As a joint care product, Omega XL is seen by many consumers as a fine brand because it’s sold across popular third-party online retail shops. Apart from easing discomforts from degraded joint linings, this formula might help to rebuild connective tissues and increase lubrication in joints.

Active Ingredients in Omega XL

Unlike regular over-the-counter supplements that contain Glucosamine sulfate, Omega XL capsules have been formulated to use powerful fish oils from Green Lipped Mussels as natural remedies. These marine oil extracts can’t cure joint disorders but are intended to reduce rheumatoid arthritis‘ pains and inflammations.

Green Lipped Mussels Extracts: The Green Lipped Mussels is a type of shellfish (Perna canaliculus) that’s found in New Zealand’s oceans, and it is an active ingredient in Omega XL. In this product, you’ll find a proprietary blend of fish oil extract that contains about 30 healthy fatty acids (including EPA and DHA). Great HealthWorks Inc. claims that an active compound called PCSO-524 exists in this shellfish. According to scientific research, the PCSO-524 compound offers relief from joint pain. This joint care formula may also ease chronic inflammation because it has about 22 more fatty acids than regular fish oils.

Tocopherols (Vitamin E): Vitamin E exists in many forms and is found in fish oils. Tocopherols are fat-soluble antioxidants – when antioxidants release their anti-inflammatory properties, they boost many functions in the body.  Usually, when the body converts food into energy, there’s a release of free radical agents as byproducts. These free radical agents are invasive and harmful to cells. So, as they attack cells around your joints to cause inflammation, antioxidants in vitamin E fight them and prevent oxidative stress. 

Naturally, patients with chronic arthritis and neuromuscular problems may feel better after consuming a blend of Tocopherol [1] with other Omega XL ingredients. However, vitamin E deficiency leads to anemia and poor circulation of blood. So, the cells of your joints might not survive oxidative stress when there’s a deficiency of vitamin E. As an active Omega XL ingredient, this fish oil-based vitamin E may reduce the risk of oxidative damage to the cells of your joints.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This Omega XL olive oil is a type of monounsaturated lipid with natural anti-inflammatory properties. As a provider of antioxidants, these monounsaturated olive oil extracts help to reduce arthritis and chronic pains.

Is Omega XL Safe to Use?

Great HealthWorks Inc. has been a health and wellness product manufacturer in the United States of America since 2006. According to this manufacturer, Omega XL is safe for consumption because the formula consists of organic extracts from fish and these extracts have been scientifically studied. As a natural formula for rheumatoid arthritis and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness[2] (DOMS) conditions, consumers often expect Omega XL to bring fast relief. You’ll find many negative and positive reviews about Omega XL from consumers online. Usually, intended buyers rely

on the testimonies of consumers manufacturer before they make purchasing decisions.

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Customer Testimonies

I decided to give this supplement a chance to prove its effectiveness. Occasionally, I experience swollen and painful finger joints because of dietary allergies. After using many over-the-counter products and prescriptions from my physician without any relief, it was appropriate to try other supplements. The first time I saw Omega XL Reviews online, the claims were unbelievable. I decided to verify the claims of Omega XL manufacturers by looking at consumer reviews on many joint pain online forums. Generally, the summary of all the reviews from Omega XL was mixed. However, I got two bottles of Omega XL formula and used them for more than one month. I am sad to say it’s like other regular products for joint pain that didn’t give me any relief.

M. Pablo

The discomfort from Lupus can be unbearable at night. It affected my dad’s nervous system, joints, and caused respiratory problems too. Generally, shellfish oil contains active compounds that ease inflammation and pains from joints. However, it’s not easy to find herbal supplements like Omega XL that contain about 30 Omega-3 fatty acids. After recommending Omega XL for my dad, the formula eased his condition a bit. There weren’t significant improvements, but his Lupus condition subsided partially.

John Doe

The easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules of the Omega XL is one of the advantages of this supplement. According to Omega XL Reviews, the performance of this supplement may vary from one consumer to another consumer. However, Omega XL brought slight relief when I sustained injuries from a bike accident. So, I don’t agree that Omega XL brings instant relief for severe joint discomfort, but it could be effective in the long term.

Anita Byrne

It’s sad to remember that joint pains have no cure while living with serious joint disorders. Many herbal products claim to provide treatment by easing these discomforts. Generally, it takes many trials for consumers to find an effective joint care supplement.  Omega XL supplement might be made from special fish oil, but there’s nothing spectacular about the relief it brings. You can also find other joint pain products with PCSO-524 compound and antioxidants. There’s no cure for joint pain, but you can get more effective relief for less than the price of Omega XL

Tammy Joe

What is the price of Omega XL and Where to buy?

This supplement can be purchased from the official website which offers 2 bottles of 60 Omega XL soft gel capsules for an introductory price of $39.95. Also, customers will have to pay $4.95 as shipping charges.

Final Verdict

The discomfort from any chronic inflammation can affect a person’s lifestyle. Many elderly people suffer from joint pains and inflammation, making it difficult to enjoy mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Naturally, joint pains come with the process of aging, but there are active ingredients in Omega XL capsules which are intended to alleviate these conditions.

The active ingredient PCSO-524[3]  is believed to have positive effects on chronic inflammations that cause joint and muscular pains. The manufacturer of Omega XL considers the formula as a superior product because it contains 30 types of Omega-3 fatty acids. However, consumers will experience different levels of satisfaction from Omega XL supplements.

The capsules are easy-to-swallow because they have soft textures and dissolve readily and according to the manufacturer, Omega XL is a dual-purpose medication that boosts lung and joint health. Overdosing of supplements with vitamin E might trigger some adverse reactions so, consumers of Omega XL supplements should follow the recommendations on the label of its bottle.