Pamukkale is not only about the well-known white cliffs and the fairy tale like scenery. Indeed, the broader area has some interesting and spectacular sights that worth to be discovered. Pamukkale Day Trip is one of the best available ways to immerse yourself into the hidden secrets of the area and to allow you to admire history and nature all in one. With this exciting full day excursion, participants will get the chance to spend their time in a relaxing and informative way.

Participants can join this day trip from three different locations. More precisely, participants can join from Pamukkale or Karahayit village or from the nearby Denizli city. The excursion begins during the morning. A fully air conditioned and comfortable vehicle will pick you up from your hotel. A professional and experienced tour guide will accompany you during this day trip in Pamukkale. The guide is the person in charge to assist you and let you know important information about the places of interest.

The bus will drive you towards the first stop of this day trip that will take place at Karahayit village. There, you will have the opportunity to visit an extraordinary and well-known thermal spring. The location is also known as the red thermal spring and was named after the red colour of the water. Wondering why is that? It has been proven that Karahayit thermal springs showcase high concentration of the iron element which makes the water red. During your time there, you may enjoy swimming into the hot water of the thermal springs and enjoy the therapeutic benefits associated with them. Alternatively, you may enjoy the beauty of nature by walking around and snapping some pictures.

After that, the bus will continue towards Pamukkale, where participants will enjoy an interesting sightseeing session. Entering from the north gate, participants will visit the ancient city of Hierapolis. This city used to be a healing and spiritual centre during antiquity, as people were travelling there to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the thermal springs and to rejuvenate their body and soul. As you will be walking around the ruins of the ancient city, the tour guide will explain everything you need to know about these ancient structures. Among the most interesting sights there, is an ancient theatre with great architectural design.


In addition to that, participants will also have the opportunity to visit the infamous Cotton Castle in Pamukkale. This particular spot is of unique natural beauty, as white-washed cliffs form terraces in which water from thermal springs flow. Those who are interested can enjoy swimming there or walk around to admire the beauty of nature. Participants of this full day excursion will also have the opportunity to visit the Roman Baths located in the area, also known as the Cleopatra’s Pool. The baths are still operating until today due to their well-known and proven healing abilities. Therefore, Cleopatra’s Poll attracts thousands of visitors every year who wish to swim into its waters. During your time there, you may swim and enjoy the benefits of thermal springs.

Participants of this day trip towards Pamukkale are strongly recommended to bring their own tower and bathing suit for this excursion if they wish to swim. The schedule of this excursion includes also a lunch break. The lunch will be served at a local restaurant and participants can enjoy an open buffet. Take this chance to get some rest and enjoy some freshly made recipes. By the end of this excursion, the bus will start driving back. Pamukkale day trip finishes once you arrive back to your hotel and a sense of sweet tiredness and full of great memories.