“A little something just for you!” It’s a beautiful collection of words.

But when is a gift, especially in 2019 ever just for the intended recipient. In an era where what’s available on the Highstreet dictates so much of our gift-buying choices, buying a unique gift can be more challenging and frustrating than ever.

A unique and special occasion like your special someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary or Father’s Day deserves a unique and special gift. And finding that in the increasingly homogenous landscape of most highstreets can be nigh-on impossible.

Fear not, though. Because where the Highstreet fails, the infinite possibilities of the internet are right there for us as and when we need them. Just doing a simple search for unique gifts for men results in a plethora of gift ideas… and for every occasion. Thus, if you’re looking for a romantic and completely personalised gift for the man in your life, the near-infinite bazar of the online marketplace is the place to find it.

Here we bring you a selection of our favourites found that will make your special occasion go with a pop and show the man in your life just how special he is to you…

Watercolour House Portrait

Watercolour House Portrait

Your home is more than just where you live. It’s a symbol of your relationship and the life you’ve built together. It’s your refuge from the world and all its problems and a place where you and the man you love can relax and enjoy one another’s company.

There’s something inherently romantic about the home you share, and as such what could be more romantic than a watercolour portrait of your home made just for you by a UK based artist?

Available in a range of styles and colour schemes to suit your personal decor and sensibilities, this is a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Personalised Geometric Copper Coffee Pot

Copper Coffee Pot

Let’s face it, we all need a hot cup of coffee inside us before we can face the day with a positive outlook. And with this stunning personalised copper coffee pot, your significant other will be reminded of your love, every time they brew up their morning coffee.

The stylish and tasteful coffee pot is emblazoned with a geometric shape containing up to two monogrammed initials to add a more personal touch. It doesn’t just look great, the copper helps the coffee to maintain a rich and mellow flavour.

Personalised Bamboo Coffee Cup

Does your eco-conscious spouse want to make a difference for the environment yet still can’t go without his caffeine kick on the way to work? Then this stylish personalised coffee up made from sustainably sourced bamboo is the perfect gift!

In an era where paper coffee cups form an increasingly large part of our household waste, this is a little gift that can make a big difference. What’s more, it can be etched with a message of your choice for a gift that is both adorable and eco-friendly.

Personalised Favourite Song Soundwave Print

Song Soundwave Print

Do you have a music lover in your life? Have you already bought them every t-shirt, hat and limited vinyl pressing under the sun? Are you looking for a thoughtful and highly personal gift which can also double as tasteful decor for the home you share?

Well, look no further than this stylish metallic foil personalised print which creates a piece of distinctive art based on the soundwaves from your significant other’s favourite song.

Or, if you’re looking for a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you can create a print from the song to which you had your first dance. The possibilities are endless! Simply send the artist the name of the song and the artist and they’ll do the rest.

Personalised Secret Message Bracelet

Secret Message Bracelet

With this exquisite gift, the man in your life can carry your message of love around with him wherever he goes. This stylish leather bracelet with stainless steel clasp is not only a great accessory that goes with any outfit, when he unclasps it he’ll see a completely personalised message that’s just for him.

The message can be from you or from the kids you have made together. It can be a message of romance or an in-joke that you know will always make him smile. It’s a gift that is as unique and beautiful as your relationship.

Personalized Gift Baskets

If you can’t find a single item that fully encapsulates your man’s passion and interest or thoroughly expresses your love and appreciation, you can buy a personalized gift basket that contains a few of his favorite things or several items that relate to his interests. For example, you can give him a gift basket with products he can use when he’s playing golf or when he’s gardening.

So, rather than see another forced smile as the result of yet another bottle of aftershave, take a punt on a more personal and romantic gift for the man in your life. Something truly unique that you know he’ll love for years to come!

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