An education tour to France is an ideal and popular option for tutors looking to provide their students with a good learning experience. Apart from the trip being a valuable learning experience, France is very close to the UK making it easier to plan for the trip. There are a broad range of school trips ideal for college, high school, and primary school classes all year round.

Why Paris

There is no other better place to cultivate a strong understanding of culture, music, and the French language than by visiting Paris. If you prefer literature and wartime history, then a short trip to Northern France will do wonders for your history students. The trip will help the learners understand the impact that the two world wars had on world history, and how the wars helped reshape society.

Some of the places to visit while on school trips to France will include:

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland in Paris is a location with huge student appeal. The destination helps to bring together a good learning experience that is entirely safe, memorable, and fun for all learners.

It is one place you can rest assured your students will be thrilled to visit. The location is considered ideal for students taking geography classes.

It helps to deliver concepts such as tourism, cultural diversity, globalization, and industrial location.

Brittany French Language School Trips and Tours

A school trip to this picturesque town located at the coast will provide your students with a choice of either making a cultural or educational visit. It is the best place to visit for those looking to sample traditional French culture.

Brittany is located in the North Western part of France. The coastal town is known as home to Mont St Michel. This happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations all over France, outside of Paris.

A school trip to this location will provide language students with a chance to practice and hone their French language skills. They will also get to explore the various cobbled streets located in rural French villages.

A Visit to the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is located at the heart of France, in the region between Paris and Nantes. The Loire valley provides one of a kind experience of the French language, science, and French culture. From this location, schools can get to visit nearby towns such as Orleans, Chartres, and Angers.

Many locals refer to this region as the Garden of France. The name came about due to a large number of orchards lining the Loire River banks. Its fresh vegetables and fruits are considered some of the best in the country, especially its artichokes, asparagus, pears, and delicious cherries.

An educational trip to Loire valley will prove memorable to students of all ages interested in sampling local architecture, landscape, and delicious cuisine.

A Visit to Normandy

Normandy is not only close to the UK, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of cultural landmarks, making it a popular destination for school trips.

Whether your focus is on a broader learning experience, history, or language, Normandy will not disappoint in any way. History groups can focus on World War II as they continue to explore the host of popular excursion sites in the region.

A visit to Normandy helps bring to life a great learning experience away from the confines of a classroom. The Memorial de Caen, for instance, provides learners with the opportunity to explore the conflict and violence that took place here during the war.

Apart from the Arromanches cinema complex and the on-site museum, the group can also take some time off to explore and visit the D-Day landing beaches. This town also caters to primary school students, especially in the town of Bayeux.