Watch .. a plane loses its balance at Luxembourg Airport, and the captain miraculously saves it

plane loses its balance at Luxembourg Airport
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A cargo plane en route from Dubai to Luxembourg experienced a slight mishap that disrupted its balance during its attempt to land on the airport runway.

Yesterday, on Sunday, various aviation news accounts worldwide shared a video clip of a Cargolux 747 airplane landing and swaying, causing the pilot to take swift action by taking off again to avoid an accident. Fortunately, the pilot managed to save the plane from crashing.

The left wing of the plane became imbalanced and fell when the left engines made contact with the runway. The cause of the imbalance is unknown. Pictures of the plane after it safely landed on the second attempt clearly show the damage.

According to a news site, the plane undertook a second emergency take-off flight to prevent a disaster and flew at a height of 4,000 feet (equivalent to approximately 1,219 meters). The plane was situated close to runway 06 at Luxembourg Airport and landed 15 minutes after taking off.

The plane, which was constructed in 2009, experienced slight damages during its landing and there were no other additional events.