There was a time in the history of human existence when people cared less about what they ate and how they ate. There was no fuss about losing weight or trying to be fit as it is now in our current generation.

People just ate whatever mom cooked for breakfast or dinner without any form of consideration. They ate and went to work.

Alas— speaking of work—those were times when people did “work.” Not that people are no longer working now, but you couldn’t possibly compare the kind of jobs that existed in those early sixties and now.

Back then people worked physical or menial jobs on their feet in the fields or on the warehouse floor, because that was the only way to work, and in the proper sense, that why was why it was called work. This type of job afforded them the liberty to eat anything they wanted because they expended more energy (calories) than they consumed.

But with the fast-paced development of technology, many jobs have been reduced to the front of a screen, thereby leaving us in a terrible condition…” an overweight one.”

Our daily habits and lifestyles have changed so much so, that we are continually sorting out ways to do less work and to be more comfortable, but as the saying goes—every rose has a thorn—and our constant desire to increase our comfort level has begun showing on our waistline.

The problem that comes with being overweight goes without saying__because the more weight you gain, the more life-threatening it becomes. Extra weight goes in tandem with illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems, blocked veins, and so on unless we do something about it.

It is a good thing that people and even governments around the world are arriving at the realization that drastic measures need to be put in place to checkmate this increasing epidemic in our society.

Going by the National School Lunch Program and the policies made by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2012, it is clear that even the government—governments are trying to push that initiative into the limelight, but weight management is an individual decision and process. That is why we are going to look at the practical steps you can take in managing your weight.

Losing the first 10lbs

Losing the first ten pounds is called that way because this is the first hurdle a lot of people find it challenging to overcome when it comes to losing weight. One of the essential secrets I want you to bear in mind when it comes to losing weight is this “always strive to be in a calorie deficit.”

There are several ways to go about losing this initial weight, but for people who don’t have much time for the processes involved, it is recommended to take a shortcut in the form of supplement pills, but in order to be successful at this, you need to carry out proper research and find supplements that actually work.

Try to seek out real-life people that have taken these supplements and have achieved significant weight loss results. I say this because I have had people in past use supplements like “lipozene,” only to discover that they weren’t losing as much weight as they wanted. I can’t possibly recommend what supplement to take as this is not a marketing write-up but rather an informative one.

Count Your Calories

There is a common saying—you can not control what can not measure—which makes total sense, I mean….! ask yourself this, how can you tell if you have a calorie deficit when you probably don’t know or keep track of your calorie intake.

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So it is vital for you to start keeping track of all your caloric intake, and thanks to technology, we now have various smartphone apps that can help with that—now while you are at it, also try and get your self a kitchen scale. Now the tricky part with this is that once you start keeping track of your caloric consumption, there is always a tendency for you to throttle back or reduce your caloric intake, but trust me you don’t want to do that.

You have to continue with your usual lifestyle which might include beer on several nights, pizzas, carbonated drinks and every other form of things you consume regularly.

You only need to calculate your consumption for a week. The aim of doing this is to give you an average figure of how many calories you consume daily, this way; you can see what you eat that has the most calories, and then you can make the necessary adjustments to what you eat.

In conclusion

From experience, people find that they get the most of their calories from drinking carbonated drinks with high sugar content or from alcohol. Let’s take a look at a typical example of two guys who both finish from work. One decides to go home and have a steak while the other ends up in a bar.  

The guy at the bar takes two 12 oz. beers (5%) followed by three 1.5 oz. “shots” which in total is about 500 calories and the other person takes a 10 oz. “sirloin” steak (broiled) which also equals 500 calories. But the difference in both consumption is that the guy who ate a steak ends up being satisfied and full while the other guy that had a few drinks ends up with 500 calories and an immense craving for some burger. Of these two who do you think made the right decision?—something to ponder…!


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