PrestaShop Tips: Why To Rely On?

It was quite some time ago when I tried to migrate to the PrestaShop platform. At that time I was constantly looking for new options and tools for eCommerce projects. I knew that it may take time to find something good. Yet, it was not easy because I had to choose among various eCommerce platforms (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.)

And one of the reasons for me to write this article was a wish to save your time and give you a few Prestashop tips. Because this eCommerce platform is my favorite. It is great for me, yet you still have the opportunity to check or even double-check my words.

I made a list of top PrestaShop tips and I truly believe they will be useful for you. Especially if you plan to migrate to PrestaShop. Yet, before I present it to you, I think I have to tell you about PrestaShop. Let’s start with some introduction. And the simplest way to do this is to make a list of pros and cons.

PrestaShop Pros and cons

  1. Easy Installation. There are now more than 270 000 websites developed with PrestaShop. It takes a few clicks to install software from the official website and you are ready to go. Unlike many other stand-alone platforms that require a lot of your participation.
  2. It is an open-source platform. And that means that You can use PrestaShop for free. It means that you can install your eCommerce website for free. Yet, here we have come to a first issue. Not all built-in features will be available in the free version. And you have to buy additional modules to get them.
  3. A user-friendly interface is another thing I like. It is easy to understand and use for your projects.
  4. It is also easy to customize and edit. And you can easily create a website you need. Use it to get design and structure perfectly suitable for your business.
  5. And when we speak about eCommerce projects it is important to remember about our customers. And PrestaShop platform provided me with language and currency options to attract more customers. And it is also easy to customize.

There are a few things I do not like about PrestaShop, yet I do not see them crucial.

  • At first, it has no official support team. And the most valuable sources of help are community and documentation. Though, it is quite enough.
  • Another disappointing thing is that PrestaShop doesn’t provide you with all the features for free. And if you want to create a website for big business than you need add-ons. And you have to purchase a paid PrestaShop version.

Prestashop or Other eCommerce platforms?

As you can see there are pros and cons when it comes to PrestaShop. Though. It is hard to say what distinct PrestaShop from all other platforms. It is distinct from each other eCommerce platform in some specific way. This is why you have to compare it with each of them separately. Let’s compare PrestaShop and WooCommerce.

  • I mentioned that Prestashop themes are mostly clean, strict and create an atmosphere of responsibility. While WooCommerce themes are mostly bright and stylish.
  • Which of them is easier to use? Well, PrestaShop is free. It has a demo and you can download it to check out. Installation requires a few clicks. And the rest of the customization doesn’t require many skills too. And if you want to use WooCommerce then you have to do a few other things. You need a domain, then you have to sign up for hosting and only then you can install WooCommerce.
  • Both PrestaShop and WooCommerce have many eCommerce features and can be considered equally efficient.
  • Yet, when it comes to supports they have differences. And the main difference is that PrestaShop has no official support service. Though it is quite simple and you can handle everything with a helpful community of the community and. But it is quite surprising for such a famous eCommerce platform. And WooCommerce has official support.

As you can see each of eCommerce platforms has its own advantages. If you want to see more PrestaShop vs WooCommerce comparisons then I recommend you check this blog post.

In any case, you need a platform perfectly suitable for your business.

Why to migrate to PrestaShop?

Maybe it’s because I like to work fast. And that PrestaShop is as simple as it is possible. It is important if you want to develop an eCommerce website but you have no time to dig up code or to spend a lot of time searching for the right button. I also like the clean design of PrestaShop themes.

It creates truly ‘eCommerce’ atmosphere. It is also easy to edit or customize to fit your business perfectly. And I like the number of built-in tools for editing. And do not forget that it is the open-source platform.

And if you liked some listed theme then you should think about migration to this platform. But before you start I have to tell about something really important.

How to migrate and save all your data?

You definitely have to avoid manual migration. Developing a website and filling it up with your content is quite a headache when you already have an eCommerce website. In order to avoid it, I recommend you to use an automated shopping cart migration service. It will simply take your data and transfer it to your new website.

Tip #1: Choose a theme that has, or will be compatible with page builder.

You will definitely need to redevelop design and structure. It may be due to new arrivals, for example. Or simply because you want to decorate your web store before Halloween.

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And Page Builder or Layout Builder will save a lot of your time and effort. With their help, you can drag and drop elements and parts of the website. And most of the time you need no coding skills.

For example, Vente has a Mega Layout Builder.

Vente PrestaShop Theme

Tip #2: Choose themes with a clean and bright design

It is important to attract customers. And this is why they have to feel comfortable when they visit your online store. It highly depends on the business, yet I never heard of an online store ruined by a bright color scheme. And clean design always provides customers with easy navigation. They will find all they need on a website. And this will boost your profits. And if you need a clean website, check Eveprest PrestaShop Theme, the top web template on TemplateMonster Marketplace. Developers made it in a strict, yet eye-catchy design style with additional effects.

Eveprest PrestaShop theme

Tip #3: Purchase a multipurpose theme

In this case, you will always have a tool for the development of a new online store. And if it truly multipurpose than you can use it for electronics stores, sportswear shops, fashion stores and so on. In addition, multipurpose best website themes usually have better code. is

The PrestaShop platform is a perfect choice for the development of multipurpose templates due to simple design and a huge number of features. Like NextPrest. And of course, you can edit any part of it.

Nextprest PrestaShop theme

Tip #4: You need a responsive theme to reach all your clients

It is highly important to choose a responsive theme. Because sometimes themes have a bed code or they may be too rare and buggy. In this case, clients will not see your website. Or even worse, they’ll see bugs and start the search for a new website.

responsive Prestashop theme

Tip #5: Search for products with built-in MegaMenu

With this tool, you can create your own website architecture and provides your customers with easy navigation. You can prioritize some categories and promote some particular products with MegaMenu. This tool provides you with badges and you can use Sale, New, and Best-seller badges for your products. It also improves the SEO feature on your website.

A PrestaShop theme that suits all listed tips will be a great addition to the collection of any developers.

products with MegaMenu

Tip #6: Create a fast loading website

When it comes to website ranking Google pays a lot of attention to the speed of website loading. This is why you need a website with optimized code. It must be developed without redundant coding and elements.  And I think Decorta is a great example of such a website.

Decorta prestashop theme

Tip #7: Sometimes it is better to purchase a specially developed theme

For example this LAME PrestaShop Theme. Developers made it specially for knife stores and it suits perfectly this niche. It has all the necessary features and design elements. LAME also has many pre-developed pages, a 24/7 support team, and a responsive code. However, it has a specific design. It is not bright and you can’t call it a clean theme. And due to this feature, LAME is not a multipurpose template. But it suits perfectly knife stores.

Lame prestashop theme

 Tip #8: Choose a website theme that supports various languages

New customers mean more profit for you. And it is definitely great when you have customers from various regions. In order to attract them, you have to install currency options or lingual options. And if you need an example of a multilingual website theme then check out the Carlis wheels and tires PrestaShop theme. It has English, Spanish, French, Russian and German language options.

Carlis presta theme

Tip #9: Search for an online store theme with a big number of predeveloped pages and layouts

You have to place your products somewhere, right? And a big number of pages and layouts allows you to sort your products. Due to this feature, you can present your products in the best possible way. Moreover, it will be easy for clients to find them. Your customers will have a great shopping experience. 

And this is important if you want to boost your client base. As an example of the multi page theme, you can check the Nextprest designs.

nextprest layouts

Tip # 10: Check the support feature

As I wrote previously PrestaShop is so easy-to-use that developers decided not to start the support services. Well, besides the paid support pack. However, various marketplaces provide customers with support. And some themes may include support as a bonus. And you should check this feature too. It will be much better to have someone you can rely on when it comes to web development.

Not all PrestaShop themes have support features. Yet, some like Eveprest Fashion 1.7 have even a long-term support service.

Eveprest Prestashop 1.7 theme


You have to pay attention to many important factors and details. Your website theme has to perfectly suit your business requirements and clients’ desires. And this is why you need a well-developed theme with built-in page builder, well-optimized code, useful plugins and so on.

Pay attention to design too. It is usually better to have a multipurpose design, yet, you can find an eye-catchy PrestaShop theme developed specially for your business. And it may be even better.

And all I hope is that my tips can help you create a reliable eCommerce website. It was nice to share my experience with you.

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