A scholarship resume is usually being neglected unreasonably. Those students who receive a scholarship have been selected because they stood out with their top skills and significant academic achievements. That’s why a smart student needs a scholarship resume to talk his skills up.

A well-written resume is a key to promoting one’s skills later in life. Having the developed resume-writing skills a current student would have much better prospects of good-salaried jobs in the future, while also being more confident about his career plan. While many applications don’t have a scholarship resume listed in the requirements, applying with one is highly advantageous to a student.

How to Write a Scholarship Resume

Scholarship resume is a brief outline or the student’s involvements, volunteer experience, core skills and achievements. If the scholarship application doesn’t specify a resume, adding one in the “additional materials” section is the go-to option.

Here are the top sections to include in the scholarship resume.

1. Work

Every kind of volunteering, internships or work to earn extra money, should go in this section of the resume. It demonstrates the ability to already apply learned skills and shows eagerness to enter the adult part of life.

2. Involvements

Provided there is no work experience, extracurricular activities, participation in clubs and organizations goes in this section. This kind of experience translates into a willingness to learn and develop new skills, along with persistence and hard work.

3. Education

While still being in a high school, students should describe their academic achievements in this section. They can also describe their endeavors to take a certain major at college and how their high school classes help them get there.

Already being a college sophomore students should stick to college education description only.

4. Awards and Achievements

List academic achievements selectively. Write specifically about those achievements that will be interesting and relevant to a scholarship distributor. Achievements should reflect your best skills and savvy. Don’t include the first place in a pie-eating contest.

Achievements project your image. List those achievements that define your personal traits, like being responsible, creative and innovative.

Include achievements in a way for them to correspond to the rest of the information in the resume.

5. Community Service

Write about community service that you’ve been involved in. This experience translates into having leadership as well as teamwork skills, which are very beneficial for handling projects and delegating tasks in the future.

Scholarship Resume Format

Education is one of the most marketable aspects of the student’s experience. That’s why the appropriate sections order on a scholarship resume is:

  1. Education
  2. Awards/Achievements
  3. Involvements
  4. Employment Experience
  5. Volunteering/Community Service

Consistency is the key to a successful scholarship resume. It should look neat. Use proper text formatting. Make it readable with the help of separate sections and headings specifying them.


Helvetica, Cambria, Times New Roman are the usual choices for scholarship resume writing. The 11 or 12 font size is the most appropriate here.

Order of information

Personal details and contact information go first in the resume. Personal details are followed by the educational information with an anticipated graduation date. Proceed to the next resume sections. Having listed all the necessary information, there is a place to write about your hobbies and interest to give the scholarship officer a full picture of yourself.


Be sure to proofread as you don’t want to miss out on the chance to get a quality education because of one little spelling or grammar mistake. Don’t neglect this point because many applications are being rejected because of just one error.

Having learned these tips you’ll be able to write a winning scholarship resume leading to a more successful career development in the future. List all of your experience and most prominent skills. Be confident in your skin and assured of who you are.