ProFoam is one of the world’s most reliable suppliers of spray foam equipment and rigs. The company was founded by former contractors with extensive experience applying spray foam. This history, training, and experience with the products allow them to fully understand the business and help their clients the best way possible. For Spray Foam Insulation you can visit for more information.

What Does Spray Foam Have To Offer?

1. Insulation And Roofing Materials

If you’re interested in purchasing spray foam, roofing foam, insulation foam, or roofing coating, then these are your guys. They are trusted and affordable suppliers who keep all of the latest products in stock. You can start with the foam and then purchase all of the equipment you need for the job at the same source. There’s never any need to visit another site for your insulation and spray foam needs.

2. Mobile Spray Rigs

We doubt anyone would consider installing spray foam fun. Even so, riding the newest mobile rigs does make the task a little more enjoyable. At the very least, the best rigs will significantly decrease the time it takes to get the job done. Don’t invest in outdated rigs with poor customer reviews. ProFoam only relies on the best and they only provide their customers with the best.

3. Spray Foam Equipment

It will take more than just a mobile spray rig to finish your insulation project. You’re going to need spray guns, auxiliary equipment, and heated hoses. Have no worries. All of that equipment and plenty more can be found at ProFoam. Just like they only work with the best rigs they also only work with the best equipment on the market. You can trust that their tools are the best tools for the job.

The Best Staff In The Business

This is a competitive industry. Companies like this stand out from the competition by only working with the best staff available. The entire team loves what they do and they are great at it.

The company owner and president is Ted Medford. He has spent more than 2 decades working in this industry. He spent several years operating a spray foam contracting company and then later a distribution company for spray foam equipment. All of that previous experience allowed him to start ProFoam, the ultimate supplier of everything spray foam related.

Ted’s company was in a unique position when it first started. It actually faced very little competition in the southeast area. This allowed it to continue growing at an accelerated rate for many years. Today, there is plenty of competition and they work extra hard to keep their customers satisfied. And those years without competition allowed them to expand their warehouse and improve their influence with minimal obstacles.

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The Only Company To Trust

Few things in life are as important as the house you call home. Anytime you work on that home you should only trust the best materials and the best equipment. This is the only company to trust when it comes to getting those materials and equipment. They are reliable, affordable, and trustworthy.

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