ProofHub is a cloud based project management and collaboration tool that helps teams to get their projects done faster. Used by nonprofits, universities, freelancers, and large enterprises, ProofHub offers different plans scalable to fit the needs of any sized business. ProofHub is highly suited for a teams that spend hours daily on emailing project requirements and gathering the scope documents as it combines all the features of project management in one place.


Starting Price: $20 /Month

  • Neat and clear interface
  • Attractive pricing plans for teams of all sizes
  • Product demo
  • Excellent customer support
  • Android app
  • Does not integrate with Zapier
Bottom Line

As a project management software ProofHub aims for simplicity in a well-structured neat and clean interface. All in all, ProofHub is a good project management tool with many options for different tiers of service.

ProofHub Review 2016

proofhub-main dashboardWith an easy to use interface and emphasis on simplicity, ProofHub delivers on all the basic aspects you look for in a project management software. With many options of pricing plans for different tiers of service, ProofHub definitely scores high on usability and customer friendliness. ProofHub has attracted a wide customer base ranging from large corporations to fledgling startups. Big-names like TripAdvisor, Harvard University, Zomato, the University of Kent, NASA, Pinterest, Google, Walt Disney, Wipro and KTM are all part of the list of customers for ProofHub. Bringing together an amazing proofing tool along with an online project management solution, ProofHub easily trumps others in the market with its capabilities of allowing teams to do much more than basic task management.


proofhub-main project seturpProofHub has little-to-no learning curve, and is extremely easy to use and navigate.
An impressive feature that catches the eye instantly is the Me-view; a separate section dedicated to you – the person logged into the account. It shows the upcoming, tasks and events assigned to you only. You can even customize your ProofHub account to give it a look and feel of your business.

proofhub-main gantt-overviewSome of the most impressive features that you get in this project management software include automatic timer, a native proofing tool, and an in-built group chat tool. The Gantt chart feature is a worthy mention here as it allows you to resolve time discrepancies, reschedule early or delayed tasks, and manage dependencies between tasks. You can also add special project events, significant milestones, and employee time-sheets into the timeline with the calendar feature. There are beautiful reports the present your project data in meaningful charts and diagrams. Plus, you also get the file versioning feature in the latest version they’ve recently launched.

Talking about the third party integrations, Proofhub has got Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, FreshBooks. The tool is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German and French, languages and works equally good on every device, be it PC, laptop, or mobile and tablets (both iOS and Android).


proofhub-main pricingProofHub offers feature rich plans for teams of all sizes. There’s a personal plan for individuals/freelancers ($0 – Free for lifetime, 1 project, 25 MB file storage, unlimited users, proofing tool and one-to-one chat). Apart from these, there are four other plan options – Individual, Start Up, Business and Enterprise. Here is the list and details of all the other plans

All plans are eligible for a free, 30-day trial. The initial sign-up process is quick and painless, and that makes the entire experience worthwhile!

Customer support

ProofHub provides an excellent customer support. There’s this live chat option for direct customer service, which you can access from their website. They also have email support, available at The email support can also be reached by filling out their support request form. They also have a dedicated help page where you can find both FAQs section and support articles on nearly every feature of ProofHub. They have an updates page where you can get to know about the new features in development as well as the list of functions that have been added to the software over the last few months. ProofHub Blog is a great place to be if you want to gain some knowledge about diverse range of topics related to project management. Plus, they are quite active on the online content sharing platform Medium as well.


It does not get better than this. ProofHub helps teams organize their workflow and streamline tasks to better serve clientele. With all the basic elements of project management put together, ProofHub is a project management software that makes sure teams get things done. It functions at a very high level, and backs up its product with solid customer support. Perks like file proofing, native timer, along with a refreshingly accessible pricing system simply add to long list of positive attributes that ProofHub possesses. By sharing all interactions with team members and clients in one simple interface, ProofHub functions at a much higher level than a generic task management program. As a capable online solution for managing projects, ProofHub can be valuable to companies as well as individuals that want to effectively manage any number of projects simultaneously.

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proofhub-reviewProofHub is a cloud based project management and collaboration tool that helps teams to get their projects done faster. Used by nonprofits, universities, freelancers, and large enterprises, ProofHub offers different plans scalable to fit the needs of any sized business. ProofHub is highly suited...