Whether you’re an influencer or a business owner, your success on social media depends on the number of followers you have. The more followers you have, the wider the market you can reach out to with your advertising. This is why business owners tend to partner with social media influencers with a mass social media following.

Increasing the number of followers can be quite a challenge for many people and businesses. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be the same for you if you because you can hire third-party service providers that will help grow your social media presence. You can buy followers on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook from the service providers. If you’re wondering whether that is worth investing in, here’s a list of its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision:


1. Boosts Your Social Media Presence

As mentioned earlier, the aim of advertising on social media is to make your brand relevant to your target market. Social media uses bots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to send news feeds to your followers, and the goal is to end up on those feeds. If you’re planning to get more followers on Instagram, your service providers may use intelligent tools for Instagram growth. Some of these tools can make it easier to identify Instagram users who prefer your kind of information and who can engage with your content. 

However, you should be careful when looking for reputable third-party service providers. Ensure that they’re people or companies known for generating real and active followers for your account. Don’t fall for the lies of comments and likes generated using bots, as those will not translate such ‘followers’ into potential buyers or fans. 

2. Helps Build Credibility

There are accounts of people who pretend to be working for specific companies or government agencies. Many of these scammers have conned users of hundreds or thousands of dollars on social media. This is why some users are wary of trusting any brand from the get go. If you’re new to social media, one of the litmus tests you can use to know an account’s authenticity accounts is the follower count.

Having many followers on social media can be a good way for users to tell if you are a legitimate brand. Furthermore, having a high follower count also means you have more people that may interact with you whenever you post something on social media, increasing engagement and your brand’s exposure.

3. It’s Easy To Get Contracts

There are many brands looking for influencers to promote their product, which means partnering with those brands is an effective way of making money online. However, one of the biggest factors that a company will look for before choosing you as a partner will be your number of followers. In addition, your followers must be active and engage with your content every time you post.

Buying social media engagements makes it more likely for your audience to stay engaged and follow you, making you look good in the eyes of potential brand partners.


1. It’s Expensive

Buying social media following is generally a costly venture. The number of followers you need is directly proportional to the amount of money you’ll have to spend. To make a significant impact online, you probably have to pay for thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers, which could eat up your budget. 

Unfortunately, it’s possible to make such a substantial financial investment yet get negligible returns on your investment (ROI). To cushion yourself from a catastrophic loss, you can purchase your followers in smaller batches as you watch their performance on social media. If the performance is positive, you can continue adding more. If there is no visible change, you can stop purchasing more followers. 

2. It Can Destroy Your Reputation

Fighting your way to the top is always considered heroic as it comes with a level of honor. Conversely, it can destroy your reputation when people realize that you used shortcuts to ascend to the helm of social media following. If you’re an influencer, your popularity gets stained and may affect the quality of influencer marketing contracts you’ll close. In summary, buying followers on social media can backfire to affect you negatively. 

3. You Risk Being Banned

Buying social media followers, especially on Instagram, is acceptable. However, working with a service provider who creates fake followers and spam comments which result in unrealistic engagement can raise red alerts. If such behaviors are reported, your account might be banned, losing the authentic followers you had and your financial investment. 

Final Thoughts

Always use the acceptable ways of growing social media followers by avoiding fake followers. You’ll be on the safe side of social media spies with this. With integrity, the advantages mentioned will be inevitable. On the other hand, you may suffer the cons listed in this article if you’re not careful with buying followers. 

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